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Beyond all ultra with ray tracing on non rtx 5700xt in 10x quality 80-100FPS 2xrescale Nvidia also


My recent settings arent just showing off everything in the universe though still super exaggerated 10x quality and rate and 2-4.0 resolution scaling 80fps 1080p10bit 120hz 444RGB 4x 1080p=4k basically and it still runs about same FPS ray tracing.

You can ray trace in all ultra in beyond 10x quality vastly beyond it.. in 4k rescaled resolution from 1080p NOT blindly poorly unconfigured FSR the game devs use.. not upscaling rescaling. Setting exaggerated 10x for everything when ray tracing is super taxing on system but my $400 AMD founders launch price 5700xt (or you could grab a best of the best third party brand name sapphire for like 600+AUD? i heard lisa su herself recommends them or the anniversary edition 5700xt dr lisa su variant)

and my $400AUD CPU ryzen 5600x can ray trace just fine no RTX required just windows 11 or maybe 10 and a text file and an ICC profile.

Those settings are currently shown here at about 90-106fps ish? at 4.0 resolution scaling with 10x quality all ultra 

zG6AUOn.jpg (1920×1080) ( The variable rate shader quality and rate may need adjusting you can set it to 1,000 or 100 or whatever and crisps up quality amazing.. but it can leave some distant objects blurry textures not completely loaded occasionally if set too wildly.

I simply deleted every "global" I had toggled on previously shown in some genshin or valhalla screens for emphasis which slowed it all down and wasnt visibly different that i could tell simplified like "ray traced reflections/volumetrics/lighting/particles" i dunno just separate things instead of a list of every sub category with massively boosted quality rates and quality and bit depth. Then ray cast shadows and all that.. i dont remember if i ray traced or ray cast ambient occlusion fidelity FX CACAO at all though.

this isnt optimal its not best i have no clue what im doing but it works. and it probably works with nvidia too just wayyy slower.. if very well at all.. but still ray tracing works just fine i guess? pro render works with nvidia pretty much all of GPUopen should

So you delete all your computers config.ini files
some games launchers might need u to view file versions in game directory and make a new one and place game version=2.3.0 or whatever for genshin so it don't try to redownload the game.. or a temporary fix if not sure version number is game version=****** in launcher directory config.ini
but you just use the ONE single config.ini in your my documents folder to configure entire PC
then you can DX12.5ultimate
enable all the AMD or whatever features free sync=true HDR mode=true
Render mode=True
tress FX fidelity FX CAS/CACAO/Variable Rate Shading
any feature you want tell your favorite game or genshin impact or whatever to do it!
set for each feature you turn on like uhh raytracedlightsources=true
then set raytracedlightsourcesquailty=10.0
and raytracedlightsourcesqualityrate=10.0
and raytracedlightsourcesbitdepth=256
do that for EVERYTHING you can imagine. texture quality/image quality/shadows/mesh quality/raytraced world objects.. screen space reflections
resolution scaling 2.0 or 3.0 maybe if its a not too demanding title
1.3 if your hardware sucks and you just want to BEGIN using your AMD GPU
you can set Capability= VULKAN 4.5 or directx12.5ultimate.
you can toggle on AMD Pro Render, Radeon Rays and AMD true audio next..
all the best **bleep** you can imagine that retard game developers never imagined.. the games they type in a single AMD feature like maybe free sync and pretend to do it!
see they fake NVidia methods of pretend stuff.. like use words like ON or ENABLED or NORMAL
or MEDIUM or some bull**bleep** fake nonsense like that
anyway what you wanna do is turn on all the CPU stuff and raise your bit depth to match your hardware..
your Ryzen CPU is 256bit dual channel DDR 4 RAM so its probably at least that much bit depth per core.. minimum.. not to mention like millions of bit depth of faster speed PCI express just to get the data to the CPU.. its PCI express has more lanes and way faster than intel's in 4.0 or 5.0
anyway my 5600x has like 6 cores.. 12threads.. so set that stuff = true i guess?
and its maybe 256 or 512or way higher bit depth x 6 minimum
lets just pretend 2096x6 or whatever
CPU bit depth=your math goes here
try different settings
same for GPU bit depth my 5700xt has 40CPUs inside it.. and its got 256bit GDDR 6RAM
so yeah 600 texture shaders or whatever check the AMD site specs which appear to be about 256 or maybe 512bit ?
so you get like over 50million or billions of bit depth and then you set it to on and you can use it.. your stuff looks far better
you see its like a sound card.. its set to 16bit you must right click it and set to Dolby Atmos passthrough or to 32bit384khz..
or the OS pretends its 16bit DOS and its a sound blaster 16 and it doesn't work at all and your game beeps at you through the PC speaker bleep bleep bloop
NVidia doesn't have the hardware so their fake software stuff is all pc speaker bleeps and bloops.. its called a Nintendo entertainment system bloop bleep for 8 year old's and whatever.
anyway for inspiration see the website
Guessed at a bunch of things and typed in async compute or whatever.. and all the CPU extensions CPU Z pretends to care about
which are just the ones intel has basically
and umm yeah so my card isn't RTX has no ray tracing but can 3d render ray trace entire game world basically and still get 60-100fps depending on settings and stuff looking at 1440p-4k quality res while vastly 10x better beyond all ultra settings
i will link you guys to my config.ini I've got in my my documents folder now.. I want you to experiment and find the right settings to turn on that game dev morons cant figure out how..
and share them with everybody. if you've a lower model or older AMD card a  RX480 or 380 or 580 maybe 2.0 res scaling is too demanding set to umm 1.3 or 1.1 and set all your quality levels to 2.0 instead of 10 or try the seems like NVidia settings of zero?
1.0 is actually like console level or something?
umm ultra texture quality for NVidia is like below normal texture quality for AMD
set your AMD GPU advanced adrenaline settings to enhance or override antialiasing to adaptive multisampling or super sampling
force Aniso16x and high texture quality and experiment with tessellation override or application settings or AMD optimized as you often must toggle them and try different settings to get them working. leaving set to 64x is often too large and doesn't work at all most games stop tessellation values at beyond 4x because they are made to be able to function on NVidia which doesn't 3d draw everything its not able to redraw the entire world like that its not 3d..
So umm I'm curious as to how NVidia cards perform when they turn on their stuff
you should enable AVX and whatever else you can think of.
a rx6600 is double to several times way faster than my card and has the RTX ray tracing acceleration
its HDMI 2.1 means it can 10bit HDR output at beyond 1080p 120hz (if you've not got a 6000 series AMD no HDMI 2.1 and no DP 1.4 you cant pass 1080p 120 444 RGB HDR if you've an ultra wide load of crap monitor that's vertically cut in half your HDMI 2.0b HDR is stuck at 720p sorry guys)
here's a link to my config file
I super recommend if you've a 4k display even if its not HDR you use its wide gamut
to do so you should set your windows color management to minimum rec.2020 or BT.2020 if you can find it BT.2100 PQ HLG or BT.2390 I cant find BT.2390
but I do know that there's a downloadable ICC reference profile for BT.2020 display on its free international TV standard and display standard for colors
KEEP in mind that if you change how you see colors on your screen, what you print or share online might not be what others see! so change it back after.
when you add the color profile you going to want to select ICC for ICC viewing conditions and default render type = ABSOLUTE COLORMETRIC
this will greatly boost your FPS and change your view angles.. and make things look a bit more life like. I set the color space to BT.2390 in the game config file I linked and HDR mode=true .. if you don't have a HDR display I don't know what if anything will happen. I've a Samsung TV neo QLED
if you've an OLED TV never game on it and never PC on it and NEVER HDR and don't ever play with the color or brightness slider it will burn out in days or minutes or weeks ..
for everybody else mini LED/micro LED/QLED/LCD absolutely play with the colors and saturation sliders and contrast and brightness..
Set your display or TV to GAME MODE and enable free sync. turn free sync on in adrenaline drivers.
Play with the custom color settings in adrenaline. you will quickly note in HDR titles and AMD games featured on the website adjusting brightness means how far light shines from a candle the area around it and cranking it or contrast or saturation too high turns it into a road flare! white hot glowing bright.
often your game can be more daylight natural looking with a brightness of 1,3 or 4 .
I set my displays black levels to LOW with full RGB 444 i believe because people ruin Samsung TV to sell more cheap fake OLED TV burn out in half a year buy new one same price as real TV that last 3-10 years..
screw those guys.
Have fun experimenting guys. comment your FPS and how well your game goes and what quality settings and values you use or any improvements you've made
I'd be curious to how NVidia performs many AMD features like Pro render developed with Pixar and AMD are able to be used by both NVidia and AMD
as well as FSR though I've not set that up as I'm not certain if it would change my display res or not as every game with it I tried did.. same with super resolution
Mortal Kombat 11 aftermath looks quite impressive I must say and games like a dream using the not the HDR 10 setting the existing system settings of your GPU output
maybe enabled 10bit panel mode in adrenaline driver global settings too if I forgot to mention and toggle windows 10 HDR on i guess?
I've go Samsung B die RAM but I cant hit all 8's on my as rock steel legend x570
for dual rank or dual channel you must not XMP but set to XMP voltage and clock at 1866mhz 1600 if you can get there..
then you must set like all 9's or all 10's I set my voltage higher on the RAM from default 1.450 to 1.650 but its a bit extreme i just want avoid stability issues.
I've got team group extreme ARGB 3600 or was it 3700 ? CAS 14 so its definitely B die since its over 3200mhz and CL14
I viewed free typhoon burner app for Samsung stock clock settings or based timings off the 1866 DRAM timing info in bios
I enabled PBO and TPM 2.0 above 4GB decoding and resize able bar? that's about it?
I'm running windows 11 currently maybe will try insider or dev version or install VULKAN SDK and whatever else is on open GPU site as previously I was able to game in super awesome by accident. may have just been tripling up on config.ini files
hope this gets you guys gaming better than ever. Remember a thread ripper quadruples memory bandwidth to RAM and that a RX6600 or any RDNA 2 has infinity cache which makes 6600 192bit memory bandwidth gddr6 3.25 times more memory bandwidth than my 5700xt 8GB OC red devil power color 256bit GDDR6 448gigabits/sec memory bandwidth.
and its 6600 is double silicone size and higher MHz and more watts while being 65 percent more efficient per watt.
so game hard like a badass with our without RTX and ray trace 10x beyond all ultra with pretty much anything AMD..
integrated APU's like 5700x Ryzen is actually able to game far cry 6 rather well I'd imagine and has like 2TB of memory bandwidth .. soooo go crazy guys let me know what settings you've managed to conjure up and what I could do to ray trace more things.. I have no clue what I'm doing.
just a few random game settings images when I finally figured out to turn on the ray tracing.. duh I'm super dumb
it took me weeks of fiddling with text files once I figured out I could set settings.. see it was normal to do this in windows 3.11 and all windows.. and DOS.. super important in dos.. settings .cfg or .ini or config.ini or .cfg.. but umm we just sort of stopped doing it.. but all the games are still set that way.. its core windows feature.. its why windows is called windows! those blue text editor screens lets you see into the graphics settings of any app or game.
keep in mind if your resident evil village hands go blurry adjust variable rate shader values.. or disable it
if your grass has splotches of blurry its maybe NVidias sabotage fake AA methods or whatever.. swap from antialiasing=TAA or MSAA or FXAA and try it out 99% of the time it easy fixes it. just edit the file.. wanna change the values? remember F3 key or CTRL H in notepad for find /search replace text that matches what you type.. easily swap ALL 10's to number 2s or 0s or something. just leave notepad open editing it and adjust it while alt tabbing as you game..
also cranking ray tracing quality 10x and rate 10x and bit depth=256 is kind of umm addictive you even ray trace volumetric fog.. and LENS FLARES HECK YEAH
10x ray traced lens flare quality super 80's anime time! uhm i had cast shadows and traced shadows and AO and stuff on causing 90% of graphics settings to stop working or had other config files elsewhere screwing it up every other day search PC delete all config.ini files maybe.. fixes your graphics up to super awesome unbelievable levels
don't use NVidia's bull**bleep** fake wording.
so yeah go crazy but not too crazy.. and if you could order and sort and tidy up and test what works and what doesn't.. some things work 512bit or higher.. but then screenshots don't I think?
check it out 10x lens flare ray traced.
my GPU cost like 400AUD for a AMD founders edition at launch price.. u could get a gigabyte or maybe a as rock one about 450 which had like dozens of HDMI outputs man..
I paid like hundred or 2 hundred more for a brand name OC for better cooler coz Australian summer.. and a quite bios option.
but well I think I got a decent buy. I would recommend a 6700M gaming laptop with Ryzen CPU. you may have had your Samsung ram and HDD inside it stolen when u get it though..
some cheaper b die ram is like flare X or umm I don't know google it.
please post your GPU and what sort of config you running and the FPS you get with as much ray tracing as possible and ray cast shadows.

If you made it this far, heres a pro tip.. swap the words Ray traced for Render. to use pro render instead of ray tracing.

Also add Direct3dRenderer Capability to your Config file I umm dont know what the latest versions of things are.. older one was direct3d 11 you could maybe Direct3d**Renderer or just type Direct3dRenderer maybe? it will make your edge browser or video hardware decoding and media play back wayyyy faster and higher quality.


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