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Adept I

Baldur's Gate 3 TDR

I have a ryzen 7 7700x and XFX 7900xtx(stock).

Baldur's Gate 3 will crash with DirectX error every 45min-1hour.

Latest drivers 23.7.2 . I also tried the latest preview drivers but same.

Please fix!!

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Adept I

Consider running in windowed mode and disabling "run as administrator". At least the for time being until stability patches are released.


Have you tried running it in Vulkan mode?


i've only been running it with Vulkan and no crashing yet. only 4hrs of gameplay though.

5900X | Sapphire Nitro 7900XTX | 64gb RAM 3600mhz CL16 | x570 TUF WiFi
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Actually, theres heres some tips. baldurs gate 3 specific you maybe wanna set the TAA sharpness level to medium or about 1/5 if you crank the resolution and quality so high it requires maximum it actually looks worse at max somehow. so medium to nearly off is all you mostly need. slide the capped FPS to max 240 then uncap it if theres stutter change to fullscreen or change to borderless. DISABLE VSYNC. and try capping to 120fps if any stutter issues still worst case you can enable enhanced sync and Vsync but thats rare. Configure your adrenaline drivers as i've shown in the screenshots of jpg files in my AMD hardware .rar file and copy in a dozen copies of my ini text file. You may want free trial rarlabs winrar to open it and if you wish to edit the INI text file you need a code editor or free versions or trial versions of custom compiled GUI of linux/BSD open source editor EMACS called

Ive a ryzen 5700G and 5700XT radeon and can game ultraextreme trillions beyond max quality with metallic metals and wet water BUT only at 100fps at 1080p with FULL COLOR and true light. my card isnt RTX. I use higher simulation particle count and quality than houdini software as i game and professional render quality so cutscenes can look worse than gameplay so theres that.

uninstall windows features .net 3.5 or was it 4.8? after installing the newer .net 7.0 or 8.0 framework. it might work better but may want you to launch it via the executable or launch the game FIRST then swap the .net versions. Its actually quite the performance boost. Also uninstall all C++ runtimes and get them from microsoft. In registry browse to HKCU > software>AMD then delete HKID folder.

Browse to HKLM > software > directx > then delete the folders in there with long strings of numbers stuff and consider creating a new expandable string key with the other MIN/MAX directx feature levels called something like ENHANCEDULTRAEXTREMEMAXIMUMFULLFEATURELEVELS  maybe same with one called MIN . Then the others originally there.. 2 pairs.. maybe fill then with two rows of FF FF FF FF to the number 10 on the left.

I kinda go the khronos > vulkan folders in both HKCU AND HKLM and create a new ultra extreme expandable string there minmax too. 

In bottom of HKCU or was it LM? theres a SYSTEM folder that maybe has a game session control directories that has CHILDREN and PARENTS i delete both of those. Just nearby theres a folder about VOLATILEENVIRONMENT you MUST DELETE it has some paths to appdata and locallow in it. I also delete C:\windows\system32\drivers\ETC i just delete the WHOLE ETC folder to get rid of HOSTS and strange network address translation bull**bleep** that only partly works. wish i knew how to bugger off the rest. I also try to go to users show hidden files and folders in folder options and extension types and full pathnames and i then apply to all and see the hidden appdata folder and ROAMING folder. It seems setting it to readonly hidden can greatly improve computer performance and renaming workgroup and computer name once in a while. BUT you wanna make sure some games arent sneaking things there and requiring it to be visible for them to finish loading/boot.

I also find a folder about remote access control and remote assistance and delete those. I wish i knew how to delete and disable group policy stuff without my PC failing to boot. 

AMDHARDWARE.rar ~ pixeldrain

Im also aware some PC's General timing formula and TDR delay and active timing controls latency might be being screwed with or limited capped or disabled which may change how fast FPS goes or the maximum FPS. Imagine playing an old 2D DOS game which is low resolution and used to run very fast on ancient computers like POPULOUS 2 .. Then Run it on a modern faster better computer with 64bit.. it runs so fast everythings a streaky blur zooming along like gunfire at thousands of FPS. because they didnt set a cap or limit on any FPS and just went as fast as the system went. In adrenaline drivers you can adjust the target FPS cap or limit. But theres registry timings and controls that sort of limit it the same way a 300hz display monitor requires about 3ms latency or lower.. and your games require sub 6ms latency for 1080p or 4k 120hz gaming as 8 to 11 or higher is possible to get those frames maybe much higher.. BUT it wont be freesync glide buttery smooth if you've **bleep**ty nvidia intel turds latency. But whenever you un**bleep** nvidia/intel **bleep** sabotage and set correcter timings latencys it causes crashes and errors as they force it to certain windows which are garbage for anything but their worse than trash. your best bet might be using some sort of latency monitor app and eliminating processes threads and tasks that slow things down a heap and avoiding changing TRD window in registry as its true certain releases of windows had it too high or wrong and it wasnt stable and caused many crashes.. you maybe cant boot or constant crahes not just once in a while if you get it wrong and i dont know what the exact level of stupid **bleep**gotry you need your real computer to pretend to be with each release of the OS..