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Journeyman III

Audio stuttering on boot and windows 11

I just built a new PC and after installing my GPU i had huge video and audio stuttering on windows and running heaven benchmark then i switched to the other PCIE slot and the issues resolved. Later i noticed multiple pop sounds on my left headphone on boot and after while of using the pc i notice huge audio crackle watching youtube then i would run the heaven benchmark and notice huge audio crackling as well .The crackling subsides when restarting the PC .The Pc was running fine before installing the GPU running on the processor's IGPU

PC Specs:

MSI b650 tomahawk

Ryzen 7 7800x3d

G.Skill 32 GB 6000 DDr5 running Expo

Asus Tuf 7700XT OC

RM650 Corsair 

Fixes Tried:

GPU Drivers installed

Chipset driver install

Different PSU 

Bios update

EXPO Deactivated


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