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Adept I

[Asus X670e +7900x] onboard gpu no go

I am running an 7900x on an Asus x670e Pro WiFi. Memory is from G.Skill 2x32GB 6000Mhz (on the QVL). Running BIOS version 2413. I have tried older ones.

My question is simple, why doesnt onboard gpu work? Even when i put it on Force, it doesnt work. I know the computer is running because i can rdp into it. But nothing on my monitors. I plugged the monitors in and out, tried different cables nothing helps. I use a HP Z43 and a Lenovo 24 inch something.

When i use a gpu card, like a RX580 or GTX1650 i get something on the monitors. What am i missing here ?

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