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Adept I

Asrock b350 fatality k4 gaming usb issues.

Good evening, since I first acquired a ryzen am4 card, I began to notice many problems with the usb ports.

The biggest problem I am witnessing is that the internet fails a lot, if I connect any wifi device through the usb port, I lose the connection to my router, it does not let me ping  fail to destination port, then I have to reconnect again the wifi device to work.

I also tried to connect it as wifi through my cell phone, and the same thing happens to me, this is very annoying.

I have my drivers up to date, I have disabled power saving in device manager.

windows 10 is original with license,

The only way to enjoy my internet is through an ethernet rj45 cable , otherwise the internet will be very intermittent by using wifi.

PC specs:
Ryzen 5 1600 (not af) just the first one. not occ just stock frequency
mobo: asrock b350 fatality k4 gaming
patriot ram 2x4 2666mhz (not occed) it can go to 3200 but keeps as 2666
GPU: Nvidia gtx 1060 6gb
Os: windows 10 1909 18363.1440
amd chipset drivers: latest one.
Psu: RMX650 gold 80+

I would say im a savvy pc guy , been always love to do dpc latency test, check cpu interrupts, pay attention to latency, do manual stuff, not using third party programs or what so ever

so yeah at this point I don't know If I have a faulty motherboard or what? hehe

Sorry for my poor English, im from Venezuela
thanks for your time in reading.

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Adept I

nfortunately with ASRock removing all previous bios updates, leaving only 4.60 visible, there was no mention of it and no way to actually be able to do it. Thankfully I managed to find this out on the ASRock forums, and find the necessary bios files for the upgrade path as well due to some very helpful users.