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Adept I

Anybody else fed up with being out bid by and fake sales

Hi everyone is it me or when going to place bids on market places on over priced cards do anyone body else get out bid for stupid money. Biting the bullet and wanting to upgrade from my 580 to a 6800xt but we all got outdone by skimmers and bots during release and these same persons whose are now selling on have systems in place that even at top dollar prices there milking the system. I realised myself as a single entity cannot hot f5 fast enough on release day and wanting to buy from a reseller but it instantly is bidded well past its already extortionate pricing. 


Is this me or anybody else seeing this.... we all knew robots would take over the world...

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If you are talking about Bidding on RX6800XT GPU card in Ebay I would be careful and make sure you didn't win a fake GPU card. You might be receiving a fake 6800XT.

Ebay has many scammers that sell things that are fake. If you are bidding on a reputable Ebay retailer's site then you probably don't have an problem.

But I am sure you are aware of this already.  This is the type of situation that scammer really prosper. Having a hot commodity that people are desperate to purchase. Perfect opportunity to sell fake GPU cards.


i agree. as always we have to be vigilant with fakes. but even when real products come up its ni on near impossible to get anywhere as real products receive fake bids and no one is going to by a £42000 gpu are they....  hoping to try my look with a 6900xt but I suspect it will go the same way even if i sit at my desktop at 2pm I doubt ill get very far.

I heard about this going on, then I looked on Ebay and it's astounding! It could get tiresome but report those whom you think are fake or using bots. If they have a feedback of 1 or worse 0 and selling a 6800XT for 4 times the price, report that. That's fraudulent behavior for sure. Same with CPU's, 5900x for $1400-2000, no way. It's scalping if nothing else. AMD needs to flood the market some to get these scalpers out of the marketplace. So pass the word, buy nothing for a while.


"It worked before you broke it!"