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Journeyman III

@AMD_UK On Twitter.

I was hoping I could get some help making contact with AMD UK after seemingly winning a Competition they were running on twitter.

They then send me a this tweet and asked for me to get in touch.

I have sent them a few tweets and a couple DM's but they have yet to acknowledge them and after reading the T&C's it appears I only have one week to get in touch.

I am just about worried about them not getting in touch so if anyone can point me or someone in the right direction that will be greatly appreciated.

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That tweet doesn't really indicate that you won anything. It just says they liked your PC and to send them a DM.

I assuming if you had won they would have mentioned that fact unless they were going to tell you in private first before going public,

I found out information on AMD UK and it lists a Telephone Number and address:

Screenshot 2021-10-07 192150.png

Maybe one of the Moderator can get you an email address to the person running the Promo.