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Journeyman III

AMD system build?

Hi guys. I'm fairly new to the AMD side of things, but it is time to upgrade. I am really wanting to build an all AMD system, and I just noticed they came out with a 2nd Gen, and the X470 chipset. That being said, the funds put back for the build look to be a little shy, for the new product line. The system will be used mostly for Graphic/Game Design (Adobe,3D modeling,Unity,etc.). I do get my VR urges from time to time. So I guess my question would be, are the 2nd Gen and new chipset bringing that much of a change to the table to just hold off and put a little more back to make the build based on the new line?

Thank you for your time


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Re: AMD system build?

As far as chipsets go not really, but the Ryzen 2000 series is faster and more efficient than the 1000 series, so it is worth looking at them.