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Journeyman III

AMD step up program ?? Why

Hello Red Team, 

I assume that question have been asked already and AMD has a lot of pressure dealing with the matter ! 
But why AMD doesn't have a program similar to EVGA Step up ? 

It has been couple months now that i'm trying to buy a new GPU 6900XT and every time i go in the queue i never make it, then i realized there are people opening like 50 tabs with different IDs on browsers and bots solving the captcha and opening multiple pages and still getting the GPUs more than regular legit users. I know AMD went into the queue thing and unique ID to solve out the purchasing issue but it still got countered by bots. 

So why not the Step up Program ? AMD would have advantages 

1- AMD have also portal where users registered their product  previously and have data of who have been using AMD hardware for a long time
2- Users who have been supporting AMD could go on and upgrade their Hardware or GPUs based on their previous purchases. 
3- People who who never owned AMD GPU can buy the other lower category GPUs to join the program which will raise the demand on these cards and most retailers will move inventory that way and request even more cards which is a profit for AMD. 
4- It can support higher demand on AMD builds which is i believe 1 of the goals for the company. 
5- This is the most important... Bots cannot buy all AMD older GPUs and join the program, As i know you have to submit a receipt for payment and purchase and register your product....etc. as it has been on AMD. 

Over all it will be much better solution for fighting the bots / scalpers and way better to support AMD loyal customers. 

It is such a hassle this days to upgrade... i've used RX 580 then 5700XT, now i own 6700XT and been trying to get 6900XT and cannot because of thousands of bots opening hundreds of pages each in the queue. 

I do hope AMD team consider this or escalate this message to whom it may concern. 

Best regards 
AMD Customer 

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