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AMD Splash Screen in my game (Staff please help, I'm lost)

I can't seem to find a way to contact the appropriate party to ask this question, so here I go.
I am currently working on a AAA Indie game, and I'm using tools provided by, and AMD seems to be the better option when it comes to running the game, since I've specifically designed it that way, this is the reason as to why I'd like an AMD splash screen in my game, to pay respect to the whole AMD community, and since they helped me make my game feel better to play, that's it.
How/Where can I contact the appropriate people with this?

I'm not answering comment questions regarding the game itself, at least not publicly.
If you would like to help by any means, hit me up on Discord at Pocket Hazel#7962.
Despite what my Discord name suggests, I am serious about this.

radeonpog gaming
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Would think the 'Contact Us > Locations', your local area office could point you in the right direction.

Or perhaps someone in the 'Developers Community' section of the forums.

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There is no AMD office(s) in my country.
Can I contact an other one?
Since if there was an office in my country, they could just do the same thing as the one in US, giving me directions.

radeonpog gaming