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AMD software stress test: Speeds all over the place!!

    Hey, AMD Community & all u geniuses over there @ Red team holding it down & creating masterpieces for all us AMD fan boys (and girls. Man, nothing better than gamer chicks). Oh yeah, uh anyway, so I did a stress test w/ AMD software like I do everyday. I'm one of those people that have to keep their eye on their numbers consistently. Sooo... My game clock and vram jumped up like normal. After like 10-15 seconds, both Vram & GPU clock speeds dropped down instantly. GPU dropped to like idk, 27MHz something like that. Jumping from like 27MHz to 56MHz, then back up where it should be around 1950MHz-1975MHz for like a second & my memory up to like 1820MHz-ish. Also where it should be. But that was also only for a second. Then both dropped down again. On & off. But mainly staying under 75MHz-125MHz GPU & 200MHz-250MHz memory. Yeah so... that's a new one for me. So I guess I'll get down to the nitty gritty and label what I have for my system.    -GPU: RX 5700XT MSI founders. So basically it's AMD. Nickel plated back, EK waterblock -CPU: Ryz 9 3900XT, W/ XSPC water block -Mobo: ASUS ROG X570 Cross hair VIII (Wi-Fi) -PSU: Seasonic  Prime PX 1300w -Ram: G.Skill Trident NEO (4x8Gb @ 3600MHz xmp)  -SSD: Corsair MP600 Pro 1TB & Sabrent Rocket 1TB -EK: pump/reservoir & PETG piping.  I think that about covers the specs. So basically I'm obviously going to try to do a clean install, and maybe reset restore my PC, restore it to earlier time, check the drivers, check my power cables, check my DisplayPort and HDMI, looked at my power plan made sure everything was copesthetic, biosis all updated, & blah, blah, blah. U guys get the point. Get better things to do than I'll listen to me talk all night. So I didn't do anything different or anything like that it just started happening. The only thing I could think of that it did differently is I might have downloaded the newest AMD software version. But I went back and use the recommended edition the one that I was using. But I restored it to a earlier time so it all went back to that. Now the only thing about being a PC enthusiast I don't know about I've always had trouble with is registry editing or all that. I never understood it. I don't know how to use it I know that it's crowded with extra users that don't belong there and duplicates of my name. So what I'm wondering is is there anything from the AMD part of it that needs to be done? Or is it a little this and a little that? If anybody's got a sure fix, plz lmk. I finally started playing Days Gone after everyone yelling at me to play it because it was so "awesome". And wouldn't you know it right when I start to get used to the controls and start getting into the story this dookie happens. But I have to admit it is pretty awesome. Any insight from the beautiful genius minds of my fellow Red Team brethren would be greatly appreciated. -Cheers


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Seen some reports on newer driver of it dropping and staying on low clocks till finished, there is a bug it seems. 

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Has Microsoft updated?  

When you get this problem resolved disable "AUTO UDATE".  There are several videos showing how to do that.

As far as the drivers go: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".  Don't install new drivers for the sake of new drivers if your system is stable.  Same goes with any updates.  So if it was stable prior to updating drivers then back it down to where it was stable.  I guess the best way to handle that is to create a restore point prior to any updates.