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Journeyman III

AMD Settings Not Working

Hi Everybody, So I was trying to record a video in obs but i did not work so i contacted them and said help me and gave the crash logs and logs of what happened so they said try checking your AMD Settings so I try to launch up the AMD Settings but noting happened and i searched for ever what to do so i found the AMD site and looked at some post but it was for windows 7 but i am using a Windows 10 and i have updated everything brand new so if anyone can help me that would be the best Thanks for reading

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Mohammad Sardar

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Adept I

Faulty graphics card drivers are the main cause and some people resolve the problem by updating or rolling back the driver. A new version of the operating system might be available and you should update it immediately. The version of AMD Radeon Settings and the version of the installed driver may be mismatched.