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AMD Says Graphics IP Stolen, Vows To Take On Perpetrators

Intellectual property pertaining to Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.'s (NASDAQ: AMD) graphics products was stolen, the company said in a  Wednesday statement

AMD said it was contacted by someone in December who claimed to be in possession of test files related to a subset of its current and future graphics products. Some of these files were recently posted online, although they have been taken down since then, AMD said. 

The perpetrator has additional files that haven't been made public yet, according to the company. 

AMD said it does not think the individual has any other AMD IP. 

AMD said the stolen graphics IP isn't core to the competitiveness or security of its graphics products.

"We are working closely with law enforcement officials and other experts as a part of an ongoing criminal investigation," AMD said in the statement.

The stolen details may have been related to the code for Navi graphics cards and the Xbox Series X custom GPU built by AMD, Tech Radar reported.

The hacker apparently obtained the source code from an unprotected computer/server, Torrent Freak reported.
While acknowledging that one source packet has already been released, the hacker said it could be valued at $100 million, according to the report.

"If I get no buyer I will just leak everything," Torrent Freak quoted the alleged leaker as saying. 

AMD Says Graphics IP Stolen, Vows To Take On Perpetrators 

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Amazing how easy AMD made it for someone to get this info. 

I posted this earlier but my stuff all gets moderated for some reason.

Maybe once the IP is out there the community can make some better drivers. LOL


hacking is a pervasive problem, years ago i developed a simple password generator to make servers more secure

sample 256-bit high entropy secure password: F]oI05m>k&o22nRkA67>Wl8g&jFWxQB3W7C}oF<V]K

My password generator uses the RDRAND instruction seen in Sandy Bridge+ and Ryzen+ processors, i noticed AMD has not fixed the bug in the 3000 series processors yet.

more recently browsers have began to suggest passwords, but Chrome could do better with more entropy

It disgusts me that so many shops have been trashed. Even Azure was hacked last year and some servers were penetrated.


Whats worse is how many bad guys now are using the internet issues during this pandemic to gain entrance where the want. It's like one giant DOS attack out there. 


bad social and political policies are the reason for the hacking problem. it would take several hours to type out all the problems that need attention.


Looks like this may just be overblown as heck. It wouldn't make sense that all this critical IP would just be left around to be found instead of either being on an air gapped system, or on a system requiring a physical security key to access.

Really you have Raja over at Intel who is likely just adapting what he built at AMD for Intel in ways that'd prevent a lawsuit for stolen IP, he's a much larger threat to AMD, especially seeing as how, by all evidence, Intel's Mobile Xe is already able to exceed AMD's just released new and improved Mobile Vega.

From the article: