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Adept I

AMD RX 580 Eyefinity problem


I'm running Prepar3D V4.2 on an Asus H97-Pro Gamer with an Intel i5-4440 CPU and 16 GB ram.
The graphic cards are one R9 280 GDDR5 3072mb and one RX 580.
On the R9 I have 3 10" screens for instruments (individual screens) which works fine.

On the RX 580 I have 2 Video projectors (native resolution 1280x800) and one screen 2560x1440.

-> I disconnected one of the projectors in windows 10 pro's display settings.

->Then start AMD readeon settings. (Checked the driver it's 18.2.3).

-> Open the Eyefinity tab. It tells me to use the advanced Eyefinity settings which opens.

-> I choose the running projector's screen to create an eyefinity and choose "not currently used screens" to add to the eyefinity and 1x2.

-> Now it created the eyefinity with the to beamers. But the vertical screen resolution is 1440 pixels which is too much for the projectors (1280x800).

-> I tried listing all resolutions in Windows screen settings but could not find a matching one.

-> When I start Prepar3D anyway and change to full screen, the second (added) screen becomes disabled and Prepar only uses one screen.

-> When I reboot the system, the eyefinity setting get's lost.

So my questions: How can I get the correct resolution for my setup ? How can I keep the Eyefinity mode when my Application switches to full screen ? How can I keep the Eyefinity setting persistent (after a reboot) ?

Kind Regards,


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Adept I

Any one ? any one ? Bueller ? Bueller ?