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AMD responds to Ryzen Mobile lack of driver updates: It's the OEM's fault

Basically it's the same problem with plagued AMD based laptops for so long, putting out a generic driver interferes with customized functionality.

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Shall be interesting to see if/what public response comes from hp, etc….

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Probably none, and if something then just something generic as it isn't really in their interest to support "older" hardware and that's why we need AMD to deal with this as they should've in the beginning.

There is little AMD can do at this point...and it has been a issue with laptop owners for years. You don't see this issue with desktop graphics (except when they reach the Legacy stage) as the drivers are consistent across the many OEM offerings. Laptops are a different story. OEM manufacturers had (and I assume still have) the option to 'opt out' of allowing AMD (or Nvidia) to offer 'generic' driver updates for their products as they are so heavily customized. It wasn't until recently that Sony, Panasonic, and Toshiba started allowing them again and offering them on their own support sites. The same thing holds true for the Mobility Ryzen. These are custom units designed by the OEM to function in a specific laptop. These are not reference graphics chips.

I really wonder how much you think about your comment before you write it because I'll have you know that there is absolutely nothing custom about these Ryzen Mobile chips. All of them - including the PRO-chips - are exactly the same and require the same drivers to function correctly. The only difference are the limits as the manufacturers are somewhat incapable of cooling Ryzen Mobile properly (which should be pretty freaking easy).


Yes and it's the cooling solutions, power difference and frequency variations the vanilla drivers don't account for. You might want to reflect your first sentence back on yourself. Everything kingfish‌ said is factual sorry if YOUR OPINION is different. It's a shame you can't share your difference of opinion without taking it to the level of being rude. 

Now back to facts. The sad thing is that any time an oem differs a product from reference spec they take ownership of the driver. Unfortunate many budget laptops are luck to see even a few driver update at all if any before the makers abandon them and AMD is left with the black eye not the OEM. 


And so ends any possible intelligent/rational discussion of the topic.

Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3600c16dgtzn kit, NM790 2TB, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850, Win.10 Pro., LC27G55T..

Unfortunately, this is going to hurt AMD in the long run. The reason is when Users see that OEMs have little support for updating laptop graphics, they are going to blame AMD and stop buying any laptops with AMD APU or GPUs installed knowing there will be just some basic support in drivers from the OEMs.

Yes, AMD is not at fault, but Users have tunnel vision. They only see that it has an AMD Hardware and automatically believes that AMD has to support the laptops with updated Graphics drivers if the OEMs don't.

So, eventually, Users will develop a negative view of AMD, in general, and will stop buying AMD Laptops knowing there might not be very much support for updated Graphics and APU drivers.

The reason users see this as AMD's fault is because AMD has always made generic drivers available to the public in the past which they haven't done with Ryzen Mobile for seemingly no reason.


do something quick every time i call to the service center they only say we cant to has been 5 months  since i bought acer nitro 4 ans515-42.. i cant play games bcz of the drivers problem every game lags like hell do something quick..i cant wait until 2019.. dont sell us these useless products if you cant give us updates. A gaming laptop that cant play should be shameful for giving us these kind of products..i will never ever recommed amd to my family and friends..


I think its better to buy a laptop with Intel CPU (with Intel HD graphics) and nvidia GPU until AMD put Ryzen mobile APU on its drivers like other older APUs