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AMD needs to fix their retail supply chain

On November 13, 2020 I ordered a Ryzen 9 5900X from ProVantage. At the time they expected it to ship soon. They give me a new estimated ship date, usually a couple of weeks out, and then that date comes and goes and then they give me a new estimated ship date. It has been FIVE MONTHS since I placed that order and I am still waiting. I have seen the 5900X come up for sale at Newegg, Best Buy, Amazon and other resellers, and while initially I ignored those opportunities to buy it someplace else since I already had an order in at ProVantage (and have had a pre-charge on my credit card this whole time), in recent weeks I have been trying to order from someplace else and haven't had any luck. But it is unacceptable that there are people like me who have an order in since NOVEMBER OF LAST YEAR that still hasn't been fulfilled while other people are getting their processors. This has seriously dented my feelings about AMD as a company since they aren't managing their retail supply chain and partner relationships in a reasonable way. I work in IT, and during out last big server infrastructure refresh two years ago I chose AMD for our processor architecture, but I am have serious doubts about going with AMD in the future since they don't have a handle on things.

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Your order is probably behind a ship called Evergreen.


Ha! Funny joke. Though if that did impact AMD CPU distribution, I'd say AMD's logistics teams should take a basic geography course. The Suez Canal is in Egypt, and all of AMD's 7nm production is at TSMC, in Taiwan. Getting processors to the USA from Taiwain via the Suez Canal would be horribly inefficient.... though I suppose that could explain some of these delays.


Since that same processor is being sold and delivered (assuming) to the Customers by other Retailers, it seems to be a good indication that it isn't completely AMD's problem but the Retailer's own issue (Provantage) at getting that processor in stock.

Maybe Provantage is having issues with the Distributor(s) of their supplies to their warehouses or stores.

Have you asked the Retailer why the extra long delivery time or reason why they can't get that processor in stock?

Probably will give you a canned answer like saying that processor is Back-Ordered or AMD hasn't sent them any supplies to restock, etc.

Basically blaming everyone else but themselves even though, as you mentioned, other Retailers are selling the same processors and they have it in stock available to ship out.


From what I can tell, ProVantage works with D&H Distributing, a $4.3 billion dollar organization headquartered in Harrisburg, PA. D&H supplies IT products to lots of other companies besides ProVantage of course. Companies like AMD ship their products to D&H. While I could try to verify that D&H is the supplier to ProVantage for my order then raise a complaint with D&H, though I'm not sure how much ProVantage would want that, or how much influence I would have. AMD would benefit from correcting this situation, and they have the power to influence how D&H is managing the distribution of AMD's retail products to partners. I tried to find any public relations contact info for AMD, but haven't turned anything up yet - does anybody have that?


You can try contacting one of AMD USA Corporate offices and see where they will direct you to or even answer your question if possible:

Screenshot 2021-03-24 172051.png

The AMD Office that I highlighted is probably the one closest to your location.


Thanks, I gave a call, talked to the operator. I asked if they had any customer relations department I could talk to, best he could do was customer support, which went to a voicemail, and I left a message. I'll follow up with Provantage next.


Your Credit Card company should be able to get your money back for you, since ProVantage have failed to fulfill the order. 
Go elsewhere.