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AMD Looking Into RX 7900 Series Temperature Issues

AMD's reference designs for its flagship RDNA 3 GPUs garnered early praise for being relatively sleek and for sensibly sticking with 2x 8-pin power connectors. But these Made By AMD (MBA) designs may suffer from thermal issues — at least, that's what German tech site HardwareLuxx is investigating, following a wake of reports that Radeon RX 7900 XT(X) cards are suffering from high-temperature hot spots, loud fans, and thermal throttling.

An AMD spokesperson confirmed that they're investigating the issues in a statement to HardwareLuxx: "Our GPU team is currently looking into the problem."

Using data from a handful of reviews as well as users from its forums, HardwareLuxx has shown that custom Radeon 7900 XT(X) designs appear to have a maximum delta of 20 degrees Celsius between the GPU's average temperature and high-temperature hot spots. This means that even if the GPU's temperature hits 80 C, the hot spot remains <100 C and the graphics card will not throttle.

However, MBA reference designs have been observed with GPU/hot spot temperature deltas as high as 53C (a 56C GPU with a 109C hot spot), and this seems to be a somewhat consistent issue. This means that a GPU with a modest average temperature of around 60C could start throttling if the hotspot reaches 110C.


(Image credit: AMD)

If MBA designs are suffering from this large GPU-to-hot-spot delta and third-party designs aren't, it seems like the obvious culprit might be AMD's reference cooling designs. HardwareLuxx didn't jump to this conclusion, instead opting to discuss direct die cooling of the Navi 31 GPU being difficult due to the chiplet design presenting an uneven surface to the cooler. Specifically, editor Andreas Schilling said "we suspect that an uneven contact pressure is responsible for the high temperature differences."

Looking at a bare PCB, the publication says the central GCD and six MCDs are filled and look level, so there could be something else causing uneven contact issues (such as the GPU frame). In our testing, the reference-model Radeon RX 7900 XT(X) cards didn't seem particularly noisy, nor did they throttle or have any temperature issues (they reached a respectable maximum of 70C). However, it's certainly possible more strenuous workloads could result in higher temperatures — FurMark for example showed rather low GPU clocks in the 1650–1700 MHz range.

Whatever the issue is, it sounds like AMD is looking into it — hopefully they'll find a solution, and maybe they'll also take a look at the noisy fans and other issues Radeon RX 7900 XT(X) owners have been facing.

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Adept I

To add to the suck.

I am one of the users who experience this issue.
There is a two part problem to this. I did not dare to return the card to the store as a defective product as there was not an official statement at that point regarding this and I dont want to end up in a scenario of endless discussions with their support.
I simply used the return policy stated by law in my country.
This means two things for me.
Supply is low, demand i high. I was lucky to get to buy one. Now I have to roll the dice again.
Second, I have to pay all the return fees out of my own pocket since this is not an RMA case.

So, double the suck.

Adept III


Cause of 7900 high junction temps found!


Adept II

This is due to the cooler of the reverence cards. Look at 

AMD Ryzen 5600X, Asrock X570 Steel Legend, 32GB G Skill Trident Z Royal Gold, AMD Rx 7900XTX, Gygabyte G34WQC

derbauer speaking about "design" problem , but forgets that he reported only 50 cards , even if there were 150 defective, other xtx mba works perfectly fine with this "design" .. he his mostly clickbaiting without prove for now .. (even offering 4080 in exchange , if this is not trolling , i don't know what is)

i saw other videos where guys solved their issue (apparently 110 junction temps too) by checking with hdmi and getting a better dp cable .....


Amd came out with an official statement saying a batch of coolers didn't have enough water, so De8auer was right.

i think you don't understant the meaning of "design"

Adept I

And now I have a second card. This time from ASRock. Same thing.

110C hotspot within minutes, 50C delta to core and full fan speed. Even in game menu.

A small batch my a**.


nobody i know have a defective 7900xtx, (me and 3 other persons , all mba) , you should explain maybe how you have "done" this (don't know if this expression is ok in english , trying not to be condescendant), because i think i would have known how to be sure to avoid it (but maybe you don't have found any non mba available.. seems i have several xfx available in some country next to mine ), .. we know already it's not a amd rma , then .. you retailer give you one without testing it as you returned the first defective ?


In Sweden,where I live, there is no 7900 XTX models in stock anywhere. I have just bought what becomes available. Also the price is more compelling for the MBA cards.

The cards I have bought and tested are from different AIBs, one from Gigabyte and one from ASRock and they have been bought from different stores. One store in Denmark and one in Sweden.

The first one, from the Danish store, was returned as a defective product. Got a full refund.

For the second card, from the Swedish store, I got and tested today. I did a RMA request a few hours back.