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AMD Launches Radeon Pro VII For $1900 - Vega 20 On Steiroids

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That sounds like one fast compute GPU! Now let's hope the driver matches the hardware at be top notch. It doesn't matter how good your hardware is if you can't run what you need to with stability. 

Worth mentioning it is good they have this card coming as some of the information leaking out about the pro level ampre cards are pretty darn impressive as well. 

I don't see what the fab size is, 7nm+?


AMD put the product page for it up now. It's still 7nm, so it really does appear to be the exact same GPU as the original VII. It will be interesting to see how Ampere based professional level cards stack up since if you look at the benchmarks AMD provided on the product page, all of which were performed on systems with INTEL XEON PROCESSORS, aside from Altair the performance difference wasn't that great.