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Journeyman III

AMD Far Cry 6 Reward For CPU

I've jus bought a new Ryzen series 5 cpu -(for a new pc build) and received a code for Far Cry 6.

Unfortunately the deadline is the 30th of January and there's no way I'll be able to afford a motherboard to run it in time to redeem the code.

I feel like it's a lost cause but does anyone have any idea what I could do to find a motherboard/place that I could go to run the cpu and claim the game?

(I'm in the UK btw). 

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Re: AMD Far Cry 6 Reward For CPU

Maybe if you have a friend that could help you redeem it, using their board? That is a pickle you are in.

You might contact UBISOFT and see if they could help you in anyway with this too. 


Re: AMD Far Cry 6 Reward For CPU

Sorry , but i've seen somewhat similar post/request in other countries forums and they seem to be just scalpers looking for a way  to claim a game then sell off the cpu.

Why the hell would you buy the product if you did not already have a compatible mobo.

And OCUK have plenty of compatible mobos in stock.

And there are deals where you pay off.


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