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AMD Custom Resolution not working.


So im a AMD user and i always played CS with custom res. like 1728x1080, 1440x1080, 1280x1080 and it always worked fine for me, stretched and all

But suddenly i opened CS and my game had some ugly looking black bars, i cant play like that, and i wonder whats wrong, why is it not streching no more

And to make the custom Res. Stretched you have to set ``Scaling Mode`` on AMD Panel to ``Full Panel`` and i already did that, both on Display and in CS Settings... it always worked and now my game has black bars out of nowhere and i dont know how to fix it, does anyone knows ??

And to make sure that the problem was not the game, i tested in other games like Fortnite and PUBG, and they had Black Bars as well.
So it has to be something with my AMD settings or idk

I did changed drivers as well from 18.12.2 which is the recommended to the 18.12.3 and they both had the problems
But im also not sure because like i said, it was out of nowhere like... i was playing CS at 6:00PM, then i went to play PUBG and when i went back to CS around 8:00PM it was not working anymore...


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