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Journeyman III

AMD crashing, new to AMD

Actually I am new to having a desktop all together even though I am 21 years old. Been on laptops a long time :D. I went with an AMD 7800xt and 7800x3d. Over the last month or so that I had my computer I played several games such as: ac Valhalla, eu4, league of legends, tf2, war thunder and sea of thieves. I had no issues in all of those except sea of thieves. I do not know if I am making a mistake in some settings or something. I even thought if I made a mistake with buying AMD. However 95% of my crashes, blue screens and driver timeouts seems to be coming from or while playing sea of thieves. I had 1 - 2 other crashes on war thunder etc but its not really disturbing. Every time I play sea of thieves I just crash some sessions multiple times. Mostly its driver timeouts and game crashes but sometimes I get a full blue screen as well. I had the computer built by a professional so I don't think that is an issue as well. I saw some suggest switching from directx 12 to 11 and that didn't do anything as well. Is there a setting I should do, am I doing something wrong or is it just that game? (even if so how can I stop it?) How can I prevent these? Just made an account to try receive some help anything is appreciated however I am not extremely technically skilled.

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