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Journeyman III

AMD Buy Direct is BROKEN !!

Three weeks in a row I try to buy products when AMD supposedly has a drop on Thursday.  Three weeks in a row the drop happens and I never even get an 'Add to Cart' option.

Advanced Mining Devices is  your new identity since that's where GPU allocation is headed.

So very sad how you've turned your back on the enthusiasts who've helped keep you afloat even when your share price was near $2.00 and the industry expected you to go bankrupt.


One of the Betrayed

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Journeyman III

Didn't see anything popup on the Discord stock trackers.  Even though Falcodrin announced a drop at 10:30 AM.

Something that is on my mind.  Considering the time that the drops occur for the US, who is the target demographic?

Usual Drop Times:
EST:  11:30 AM.  Congratulations.  Little early for lunch on a 9-5/6 job.
CT:  10:30 AM.  People just got into work on their 10 AM jobs
MT:  9:30 AM.  Either into work for their 9 AM job or commuting to work for their 10 AM job
PT:  8:30 AM.  Might be able to get away with it if they get to work early or have a late job.  Hosed if trying to drive and buy.

I'm left with the conclusion that these AMD Direct GPU's are for those without a job, have flexible schedules or work night shifts.  Also those working in secure facilities (no internet) or with more bellicose managers need not apply.

I was hoping for more midnight drops (preferably with email invites) as those are readily accessible regardless of which timezone I'm in and work hours.

Also usage of 3rd party scripts sometimes seems to give an edge (I can't use them out of respect for the ToS, why I don't use bots myself for Amazon/Newegg).