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AMD Arcturus GPU - 8192 Vega cores, no 3D graphics engine, and no idea what the heck it is.

Still, Radeon VII had less than half the shaders and drew 300w of power...

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It seems likely that Vega will be AMD's Pro/Instinct architecture moving forward, and Arcturus will be the update for that.  RDNA will be used in the gaming space.,39935.html

Also, the Radeon VII is actually vastly more efficient than the review numbers lead on with only a modicum of tweaking.  My Radeon VII was set to 1120 mv for the boost clock of 1.8 GHz.  I can actually push in up to 2.05 GHz without altering the voltage at all, which means those voltages were set really aggressively.

I can actually drop mine to 1000 mv and retain the 1800 Mhz stock clock.  At that voltage, I am pulling about 240 Watts.  The stock voltages really aren't well optimized, probably due to the fact that AMD slapped it together as a gaming card in hurry and shipped it out the door.