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Aggressively Priced AMD Ryzen 5-Powered Huawei MateBook D 14 Hits The U.S... AT WALMART!

Doesn't look bad at all for $600, especially since it carries Windows 10 Signature Edition meaning no bloatware, and should also mean that although it's made by Huawei, there is no Chinese inspired hackware, and the 2500U is a solid chip.

matebook d 2

AMD Ryzen 2500U APU

8GB DDR4 memory


14-inch 1920x1080 Touch Display

Bluetooth 4.1

802.11ac MIMO Wi-Fi

Four speaker Dolby Atmos sound system

Spill Proof Backlit Keyboard

Windows 10 Signature Edition

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First thing I do with machines is do a windows reset which eliminates all the fluff with any revent box

this machine does look rather good with the Vega graphics which should give it some gaming capability.

Sadly I have only $60 this month to spend, so it may be a while till i have enough for a new machine.