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A great reason to not be an early adopter and wait to see what the competition brings. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Users Report Crashes & Black Screens During Gaming

full story: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Users Report Crashes & Black Screens During Gaming 

By Hassan Mujtaba

37 mins ago

NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 3080's launch has been plagued with a range of issues and as per the latest reports, buyers who did manage to get the cards at launch are now facing severe crashes during gaming. The problems have been reported at the majority of forums which include Computerbase, LinusTechTips, OCUK, and even NVIDIA's own forums.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Users Report Crashes & Black Screens During Gaming, Problem Specific To Custom Variants

According to various forum threads, the issue seems to be specific to the custom variants of the GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card. The main issue that is being reported is that the cards crash to the desktop while gaming which is commonly referred to as CTD. Some users have also reported black screens which are commonly associated with CTD's where the driver simply bugs out. There is no official response from NVIDIA or its AIB partners on the matter yet.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Officially 10-15% Faster Than GeForce RTX 3080 In 4K Gaming, Confirms Limite...

Some users have stated that the crash occurs when the card exceeds boost clocks of 2.0 GHz. We also had our Tech Editor, Keith May, face a similar issue with our custom GeForce RTX 3080 variant from Colorful which had to be returned and evaluated by the AIB themselves.

We can't say for sure if the issue has more so to do with the software-side or if the existing clocks speeds are just too high for the RTX 3080 AIBs to handle. We know for a fact that several AIBs were finalizing clock speeds even after the GeForce RTX 3080 was announced and clock speeds for RTX 3080 custom variants were revealed just a few weeks prior to launch. So it could be that AIBs didn't get the time they needed to evaluate the clock speeds extensively. The same is true for the GeForce RTX 3090 and GeForce RTX 3070 custom models since their clock speeds have not been finalized yet either.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Crashes Issues

There's no official solution to this issue yet but as Computerbase reports, users who are facing this issue severely can try to under-volt their GeForce RTX 3080 cards or downclock by 50-100 MHz.

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When I saw this last night, the first thing I thought was that he AIBs saw how AMD did this kind of garbage with the RX 5600XT, and then thought it would be a GOOD idea to do it themselves...And really how all of this wasn't necessary, given how one of the hallmarks of nVidia GPUs is massive overclocking headroom, but they all wanted to have the biggest ePeen...Anyway, serves them right.


Honestly I thought the same thing. It is obvious that Nvidia used power and the brute force to get this next gen where it is based on what has been seen so far so it is not surprising the results are instability. This is something we in this forum have seen first hand for a while. This is why I would be happier if an upcoming AMD card doesn't take this route and it's okay if it is a bit slower but very stable then you can play on your own end with some OC if you choose. It sounds like  Big Navi is going to really push the power envelope and and MHZ. So time will tell there. One thing I have to say is that at least AMD's changing of the architecture is the smart way to go. While Nvidia has changed how the cuda cores and what constitutes cuda core count over many generations now, they fundamentally are the same architecture and I think they are really going to need something completely new going forward. I think they have exhausted the current path. It is pretty obvious from both camps that going to smaller fab is a path of diminishing returns alone as they are still having to throw more power and run near the peak of capability to have substantial gains. 

RDNA2 is yet to be seen and could yet still surprise people on the power side of things but based on the leaked engineering sample it appears it is at least 275 watts maybe 300. 


Yeah but nvidia will fix it within month, or top 3 months, not a whole year that took it AMD to make the drivers stable. 

Well frankly a lot of people are still suffering with issues with Navi over a year later. One big one are audio issues over HDMI to AVR or TV's 

Nvidia does typically fix issues very quickly by comparison, so I would hope that would be the case this time. 

I am never too keen on being among the first to buy anything from any company or loading the new OS either. I like to wait and see. You sure avoid a lot of grief that way. 


You see where LG is having to update their expensive OLED TV firmware to fix a compatibility issue with Ampere video cards via HDMI 2.1 too?

Well not until you linked to it I didn't! LOL


I would guess that must mean they have to tweak something that isn't aligning with the 2.1 spec on the LG side? 


I'm not sure what it would be. HDMI 2.1 has been finalized since before those OLED TVs were made...

I know this much I have been burned in the past by buying a TV that was supposed to be capable of being updated and/or already supposed to support specs for Cards not out yet. Last time I said I would never buy a TV again until there were actual products that utilize the specifications the TV's are supposed to support. 

Luckily these days a lot can be fixed with firmware updates. While I have never had an LG TV with some of the reviews I have seen on them and with many reviews on Samsungs the past couple years seem to be slipping a bit. I think LG may be on my radar in a few years. Gotta wait for the 4k 120hz to come down in price a bit. 

I have to say I have really enjoyed playing games at 1440p 4K on my 60hz Samsung. I have never had a high refresh monitor so I am not used to that yet so not spoiled my eyes to lower refresh yet. Being a more cinematic game player than competitive I would rather have the higher res pretty graphics vs the speed but look forward to the day I can have more of both. 

Hopefully LG and Nvidia get is sorted as soon as they say. I am sure there are a few folks waiting on it. It's a real bummer when the new expensive tech you buy doesn't work right. 


Not sure how many there are, those TVs cost in excess of $2000.


Yah but 5 years from now they will be cheap! Gosh I remember when flat panel tv's first came out. A little 32 inch tv was like 10 grand. 


Aye, even after they were out a while I still paid about $600 for a Westinghouse 32" 720p LCD TV, and it was a floor model at that. Still, OLED TVs have come down quite a bit in a hurry, a 55" LG OLED is $1500 on Amazon though it is an "Alexa" model, though I'm still leery about OLED panels, especially because screen burn in is still a real worry, even though it has gotten better over time, it's still not something anyone should have to worry about ever, especially not since LED lit LCD panels with "Nano Cell" or "QLED Technology" or whatever marketing buzzword they use look really, really good and cost half or more as much.


I just bought my first 65" 4K HDR (although not real HDR in my opinion compared to the better stuff) last year. It is just a 65" edge lit led Samsung panel. I think it is actually a Sony panel it though from what some forum people said back then. 

To me the thing is Magic and I only paid around $600 for it. I remember paying about $1700 when I got married for a 27" CRT. 

I know there is a world of difference between this bottom end stuff and the top. Just not sure I would agree it is worth all the extra money. But hey if you have the money by all means I would buy it too! 

Spent last night playing Serious Sam 4 which looks phenomenal. A lot of idiots think otherwise and I don't get it as it is great. It think they must all be playing on low settings. As my sons still looks good but he is on a mix of mostly medium and some low settings on a 1060 6gb. At ultra on my 2070 super it is awesome. I am using DLSS in DX12 version of the engine. DLSS not working in Vulkan yet. DX12 works perfect though. I am rendering at 1440p and displaying 4k and staying above 60. True 4k rendering though brings the card to its knees in the title. If you liked the Sam games this on es the best since the first 2 IMHO and is super fun. Already have about 6 hours in. It is amazing though how well the game scales you can play all the way down to a 1050ti they say. 

So many posts out there showing fuzzy bad graphics. It isn't like that for me at all. Way better than the 3rd one. 


Did make me curious, my 5 year old TV has a little over 279 hours a month of usage, about 9 hours A DAY...I have been considering demoting it to my bedroom and getting a new one, Prime Day is coming up next month, as is Black Friday in November...


I wonder if my tv keeps track of the hours?  I have a Vizzio in the living room that literally never get turned off unless the power goes out and is easily 15 years old now. Can't imagine how many hours are on it! It was their first edge lit led 1080p razer series. Been a good TV. 

If you want a new TV go ahead. Like computers there will be something tomorrow that may give you a little remorse. But no reason to wait if you really want it as we only get so many days on this Earth to enjoy the little things. TVs IMHO bring a lot of joy to your everyday life for very little money when you factor in how long you use them. 


Vizio does in the About TV section, before I got this TV I had a Vizio that I donated to my parents to replace their rear projection.

And yea, I'll probably get one, the way the world seems to be going down the toilet...Who knows, when I finally get fiber and am able to watch Full HD programs, and even some 4K movies...I have two I'm watching. Reviews say there is little difference between the B9 of 2019 and CX of 2020, and I'm hoping Prime Day/Cyber Monday/Black Friday will bring one of them down under $1000.


I will look. Mine is so old it was when they partnered with Yahoo! for smart channels. 


I'm surprised that's still going, the CCFL tubes only last a few years before dimming horridly.


It was the very first edge lit LED. 

However  I have a CCFL bulb Samsung that is still going strong. Gave it to my 86 year old father last year when I got the 65" 4k tv. That old TV I think still has the best picture of any tv I have owned. The color is very vibrant and it's sharpness and contrast are very good almost like a 3d effect. 

If it was bigger I would not have got a new one but 46 inch was small for gaming from across the room. 


Definitely. If you like stable running systems and do not want to deal with headaches of hardware and driver teething pains, it's always better to wait +6-12 months. Also, waiting allows you to see how something goes like the VII. First 3 months can be pretty bad for amd or nvidia.

Another part of the problem is microsoft's poor patching and just not understanding or caring about PC gaming with gsync/freesync. Their HAGS implementation is still giving amd and nvidia fits.

Plus the price often goes down a little bit from launch. I often keep an eye out for an open box deal at my Micro Center then jump. Got my 2070 Super for a hundred bucks off buying open box.