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Journeyman III

7900xtx underperforming

GPU: Radeon rx 7900xtx

CPU: ryzen 7 5800x3d 

Motherboard: Asrock A320m/ac 

PSU: Corsair platinum 1000w

AMD driver version: 23.10.2

Monitors: 1080p acer predator 240-280hz/ odyssey g6 1440p 240hz 

Game: MW2. 

I recently bought a Radeon 6800, and it performed great, but I was wanting something a little stronger and smoother, so I decided to purchase the $1000 AMD Radeon Rx 7900xtx. After my IT guy installed the PSU, and GPU, I instantly opened the adrenaline software, and there was a new driver update, (which I regret downloading honestly, because now I can't roll the driver back to the 23.10.1 version without downloading it from a sketchy website to test if the problem persisted, because AMD won't allow me to download it from theirs.) After updating the drivers, I opened the MW2 application and with excitement I started testing out my performance. I saw with the multiplayer portion of the game I was fine. Pushing the predicted FPS that all the benchmark videos, websites, and hearsay I've heard about the GPU. 


The issue I'm having is on warzone 2.0. I know the warzone maps (Vondel, Ashika island, al mazrah) are CPU bound maps, but the performance benchmark videos I've seen people test with my same exact GPU and CPU play the same EXACT game, I wasn't seeing the same performance. I know the performance is going to vary, but I really thought I was going to get higher FPS. 

After testing multiple games on Vondel, and al mazrah, I seen that no matter what settings or display I changed to I'm getting the same fps whether it's on 1080p low presets, or 1440p ultra presets. I'm getting between 140-180fps on Al mazrah (daytime) for both displays, and on Vondel (daytime) I am getting between 160-200ps on all displays, and all graphic presets. I also noticed my CPU utilization was higher than my GPU utilization which I fixed this morning because I realized in my MW2 files that it was still reading that my 6800 was the GPU, and I deleted it, and it fixed the utilization issue but didn't increase my FPS. 

Only reason I'm concerned is because on multiplayer if I'm on 1080p and put my presets to low I'm running almost 500fps on shipment, but I change the presets to ultra it goes to 280. It changes as it should. The same goes for when I change the 1440p presets on multiplayer-- it changes as it should because I am changing the presets. WITH warzone it doesn't. 

The last time I seen where the presets don't change the fps was with my 6800 gpu and I had a Ryzen 7 3700. It was because of the CPU bottleneck. As soon as I changed my cpu to the 5800x3d my fps increased majorly.  I was hoping to see the same with the 7900xtx. 

EVERYTHING in my PC is not even 2 months old. I've pretty much had a new PC built. 

I just need assistance or advice with figuring out what it is. Is it my CPU? I hear the 5800x3d CPU I have is so great, but I feel like this is the reasoning behind my issues. I don't expect to run 300fps on the warzone maps, but when I see people with 4090s pushing 220+ fps on ultra 1440p, I know mine shouldn't be that far behind it, and it definitely should be higher than 160-210fps on all three maps on 1080p, especially on low presets, and I should be running higher fps on 1440p low, then I am on 1440p ultra. I'm literally running the same fps on all presets. 

If someone can tell me if they think it's the gpu I'll send it back and get a 4090. If it's the CPU, I'll get me a new motherboard that supports the icores. If it's the gpu driver versions, I'll wait for a new update. I'm just new to the PC world and all the research is pointing to the GPU. Everyone says my CPU is one of the best for gaming and goes really good with the 7900xtx. I've seen a lot of issues with this gpu, and I didn't research the bad side of the GPU just the good lol. 

PLZ HELP lol. 


PS. My brother has a 4070ti and an Intel icore-73900kf and he runs higher frames than me on warzone. It's ridiculous, and if I'm going to send my GPU back, I need to do it quick. 

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