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Adept I

7900XTX GPU to be released Dec 13 2022 serious question on HDR


I would like a straight answer to this question that I can not find an answer.

This question will not be important to most people but it will make my decision easier.

I would like to know if the new release on Dec 13 2022 for the 7900XTX has the ability with AMD recording software only for High Dynamic Range (HDR) with HDR metadata in the codec or container. 

I want to upload PC gaming HDR content to youtube and youtube have the ability to show the HDR from the PC Gaming HDR recording with AMD Software.

Not interested in 3rd party software such as(Open Broadcaster Software) for HDR recording or streaming.

Not interested in using HDR authoring tools (DaVinci Resolve,Adobe Premiere Pro,Adobe After Effects,Final Cut Pro X) for HDR recording and manually adding HDR metadata in the codec or container.

  What is the actual software name to record HDR Content for PC Gaming

Record and Stream with AMD Software: Is it Adrenalin Edition with Enabling Radeon ReLive in the Adrenalin Edition software or something else all together with the release on Dec 13 2022 7900XTX.

Thanks for any replies and I hope I did not make it confusing. I just want to record HDR content and upload HDR content with some form of AMD Software.

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No one can answer that, you will have to wait for release reviews.


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OK thanks,you have a 6900XT does AMD software record HDR content as of today