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Journeyman III

7900xtx gigabyte reference

I bought a gigabyte 7900xtx model like 1 and a half month, and I was playing COD on low settings for competitive tournaments. Yesterday I was playing the new harry potter game HOGWARTS, (all Ultra settings 1440p) and all of a sudden my card was at 100% fan speed and the junction temperature started to raise quickly to 110c like in 30-60 seconds. I had my gpu with the power limit set at 15% and a little over/underclock, I tried everything at default and increase the power limit to 15% again but still goes to 110c and 100%rpm. 
I switched to cyberpunk and COD but this time all Ultra and still had high temps like 55-60c and 110c on junction. 
My returning period is over at a local store and I think its just unfair that I cant use the most of my card without getting those temps and rpm.
so what else can I do to get the card fix or request a refund?

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Hi, you are experiencing the dreaded temperature issue which plagues a number of 7900 XTX reference, caused by a manufacturing error of the cooler. Most likely you haven't noticed it with COD because the low settings didn't really load the GPU and thus the temperatures were staying at a decent level.

It is a known issue and a warranty issue nonetheless, AMD clarified this. If you bought it at a decent local store, they should be able to help you out making a warranty claim, the shop should get in touch with Gigabyte to process your request. You can also try contacting Gigabyte yourself and file a claim.

Last but not least you could also try contacting AMD directly, however since the card is distributed by Gigabyte and not by AMD itself, they most likely will redirect you to GB: