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Journeyman III

7900 xtx abruptly stopped working

(i'm not an english native so plz don't be rude)
So, today near 5pm i decided to change my cpu thermal paste. I did it and I took the opportunity to unplug my graphics card in order to blow it to remove the dust. Just when i plugged it in again, it won't boot windows. The computer turns on but does not want to boot windows. I tried with a Nvidia 2060 super and there it does boot normaly. I tried DDU, uninstall and reinstall windows 10, then windows 11, tried to plug 2 PCI-E for more power then only one. Nothing worked... I am just done bcs it is 1am and its been hours i tried to figure out what is the problem... If anyone knows what to do, it could save me before i do RMA...

P.S : My motherboard is a MSI MEG b550 unify and shows the 94 error code that says "PCI BUS enumeration 32" before crashing and retrying to boot again and again...

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As i said, i tried a lot of solutions, my computer is working good as hell when this card is not inside my computer. I guess am just gonna RMA it because i don't think there is any issue at all...