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Journeyman III

6700XT got cancelled with a weird reason

Hi, Thursday I though I was lucky for once. I ordered the 6700XT and received an confirmation. While this in mind I bought a new AMD CPU and motherboard from my local tech store (Got my whole PC ready, without a GPU lol). 2 days ago, I received an e-mail saying my order has been cancelled. I'm still feeling very disappointed, also I asked some other people that got lucky, those pay times where much later than mine and has not been cancelled... What's going on?

The weird part is that I called AMD support, and they said 'The 6700XT is out of stock'. This is basically not possible, because others ordered the card minutes after. 

Sidenote: I've never purchased something from the AMD store. And **bleep**, a lot of scalpers are getting all those videocards (Ordering from the same IP, and CC and PayPal?) and the real gamers are left behind? 



Sorry, I'm kinda mad.

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