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Contact - AMD Office India

Hi. I have been trying to find someone's contact who works at the AMD India office. We are starting a new Esports Organisation with rosters in BGMI, FreeFire and Valorant. I would like to et in touch with someone to discuss this in detail. If there is any way for me to get connected, it'd be great to have some help!

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Here are four AMD Corporate Offices in India:

Screenshot 2021-08-19 104255.png

I have already reached out to them via these numbers, they're all wrong numbers. If you or anyone else get somebody's personal number from the office, please let me know!


Can you clarify by what you meant all the Telephone numbers were wrong?

You have the Indian AMD Corporate office addresses so send them an air mail about your proposition and mention about the telephone being wrong.


I mean to say that the phone numbers are invalid altogether. I want to send them an email but I don't have any email ID on which I can mail them. 

I cannot air mail them because a lot of offices are still on a WFH basis and sending an air mail to the office might just be pointless.


Okay I understand.

I find it difficult to believe all four Indian Corporate offices telephone numbers are invalid. Maybe the Indian Corporate Offices are closed or limited due to the Pandemic in India and the rest of the World.

Unfortunately, I personally don't have any email or contact number that doesn't involve Tech Support.

What if I gave you official AMD Distributors in India. You can try and contact one of the AMD distributors and see if they have an email or telephone you can use to contact AMD Directly.

Here are the AMD Distributors in India:

Screenshot 2021-08-19 104255.png

Otherwise unless one of the Moderators can find you a valid Indian AMD Corporate office number I am out of suggestions unless someone else knows of a number or email you can use to contact AMD office.

Thanks a lot for this. You've been of great help. I'll try to get in contact with some of the distributors and understand how I can go ahead and contact the corporate office as well.

Good Luck in your endeavors!