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Journeyman III

5600xt Not Cooperating with PCVR on Quest 2

I recently purchased an Oculus Quest 2 and figured I might as well use my PC to play VR games. My specs are a Thicc 3 5600xt, 2700x, 16gb 3000mhz ram, and a 750w psu. I have tried running games like VR chat and Vader Immortal 3 from my PC and they ran terribly. I couldn’t understand why so I recorded the gameplay on my PC and it looked buttery smooth and sharp but when actually playing, the games were running at a solid 7fps and low resolution. I tried running the games with both a wired connection and a wireless connection (I have good internet) to the computer. I’m assuming it’s a problem with the encoder but I’m not sure if it’s something I can fix. Something that is completely unrelated is when I run a normal PC game for a little while and switch over to YouTube, I cant watch videos that are even 1080p without it buffering like crazy. I restart my PC and I can watch 4k60fps videos with no problems. 

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Journeyman III

I know I'm a whole year late but I've been having the exact same problems since I got this stupid headset. I can't run at 72hz, I can't run with lowest resolution, it still feels extremely slow as if my hands are 2 seconds behind. I even have the issue with trying to watch YouTube. Guess I'm going for Nvidia next time I get a good chance.