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Why You Should Download the Latest Drivers

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If you have downloaded two or three graphics drivers from AMD within the past 30 days, this blog probably doesn’t apply to you. But if you’re one of the many users out there who may be sitting on a driver that is several months old, let me take this opportunity to explain to you the advantages of staying up to date when it comes to your Radeon™ graphics driver and software.

  1. Latest Features

You could be missing out on the latest features that are available.  We are constantly making improvements to existing features and delivering new ones from time to time. Whether it’s added game titles that support Radeon™ Boost, or new features like our Performance Tuning Presets for the Radeon™ RX 6800 XT, you definitely don’t want to miss out on things that can help elevate your gaming experience to the next level.

  1. Game Day-0 Updates

If you’re excited to play a new game that is about to be released, you’ll want the most performance out of your graphics card so that you can get that smooth, fluid responsiveness while gaming. Our driver releases often come with game optimizations to improve performance around the time a game gets released, so you’re able to take advantage of the gains immediately.

  1. Stability and Fixes

While the majority of users experience zero issues with their drivers, the small percentage of issues that present from time to time are addressed with subsequent driver updates. If you happen to experience a problem, it’s best to try a clean installation of the latest driver to see if the issue can be resolved.

 How to Download the Latest Drivers

If you’re relatively new to the AMD ecosystem, or you’ve never downloaded a graphics driver before, the process couldn’t be easier. You can download the latest driver quickly and easily from

From, you will be presented with two different types of drivers:

  1. Recommended: Our recommended driver is Microsoft WHQL certified.  It has undergone vigorous testing from both our end-users and 3rd parties and with WHQL certification; it is the most stable and up to date driver available.
  2. Optional: These drivers also undergo vigorous internal and 3rd party testing but have not gone through WHQL certification. These drivers contain the latest performance optimizations and are suggested for users who want the best performance for games that are brand new.

 If you have Radeon Software already installed, updating the driver is as simple as opening Radeon™ Software (ALT+R) and clicking the button ‘Check for Updates’ which is located in the top right tile labeled 'Driver & Software'.  Once selected, Radeon Software will perform a scan and an option will appear for you to download and install the latest driver, if one is available.

Check for updates directly from Radeon SoftwareCheck for updates directly from Radeon Software

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If you’d like to learn more about Radeon™ Software, be sure to check out our webpage at and discover all the great features that you can take advantage of with our newest drivers.



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