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Powering the Perfect Laptop for 2022: Battery Life and Portability are Key Factors for Consumers

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It's a simple truth that we all use our mobile devices differently - and more - than we used to.  For better or worse, hybrid work is here to stay, and today's laptop user needs fast and flexible devices that can handle their workloads whether they're in the office, at home, outdoors, or on the road.  Wakefield Research conducted a joint study with AMD to identify how consumers are using their computers and the results highlight what the modern consumer is looking for in a laptop. 

Long Battery Life

Do you ever find yourself running around an airport terminal looking for a charging outlet for your dying laptop so that you can send that last email before you board a flight?  Or rushing to end a meeting while the battery alert pop-ups raise your blood pressure?

To no one's surprise, you are not alone.  Wakefield Research's report with AMD found that 67% of respondents suffered consequences due to a dead battery. 

  • More than a third (37%) say they have lost unsaved work
  • More than a quarter (27%) have had a meeting or video call interrupted by a dying battery
  • Around a quarter (24%) have lost instructions or directions they needed when a battery died on them

As we change our relationship to work and technology, we expect devices that can last unplugged.  The average user spends more than three hours a day on batter power, and 29% of users spend more than ten hours on battery power. 

AMD Ryzen processors offer up-to 24 hours of battery life in premium systems, and the new everyday Ryzen 7020 Series Processors offer up-to 12 hours of battery life, even with audio and video playback. 

On-the-Go Flexibility 

Did you know that 64% of laptop users work somewhere other than their dedicated workspace? As the modern workplace evolves, professionals expect devices that enable them to work effectively from anywhere. Laptops equipped with the latest processors from AMD are perfect for the new age of hybrid workplaces, offering the best combination of efficiency, security, and battery life in a compact form factor.  

Multi-Tasking Prowess 

The ideal modern laptop should allow for generous multi-tasking without overheating or draining the battery. This means you should be able to click back and forth between all your applications and tasks with no sacrifice to speed or battery life. Whether you’re a content creator, designer, gamer, or working on your latest startup idea, your workload requires the right compute power to handle multi-tasking efficiently and effectively. 

People want flexibility. They want the ability to work and play anytime from anywhere, which makes battery life and portability critical. AMD has pioneered supreme battery life and efficiency in all Ryzen processors from the ultra-premium to everyday, so users can truly go all day unplugged.