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AMD Powers Valve Steam Deck, Delivering a New Category of PC Gaming

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Our mission is to reach and enable every gamer in the world to be their best. We are laser focused on new, transformational technologies that push the boundaries of immersive computing experiences, and I could not be more excited to see that mission expanded through our partnership with Valve on the creation of their new Steam Deck. This amazing new device establishes a whole new category of handheld PC gaming – letting users play their expansive gaming libraries anywhere.


Through a multi-year design and co-development journey with Valve, we combined their incredible game library and gaming expertise with a custom APU from AMD that leverages the “Zen 2” CPU core and RDNA 2 graphics architecture, a combination only found in gaming consoles today. To maximize energy efficiency, we also implemented the state-of-the-art LPDDR 5 memory technology, making it the first AMD processor with this low power memory interface. Together, we created a powerful and efficient solution that provides gamers with uncompromised performance for extended gaming sessions with AAA titles. Every aspect of the gaming latency from input to the SOC to the gaming control has been optimized to achieve maximum responsiveness.


Valve and AMD shared the joint vision of creating a new category of gaming devices in the PC ecosystem. This tight partnership enabled the power, performance, and software innovations needed to redefine gaming with Steam Deck. Steam Deck brings innovations to handheld gaming such as Variable Rate Shading and intelligent adaptive graphics driver optimizations to manage performance and power without game specific updates, enabling maximum battery life at a target frame rate.



We have been blown away by the reception Steam Deck has received from the wider community. IGN’s Bo Moore was provided a first look at the new device, pleased by both the features of the Steam Deck and its performance, hitting on something we are incredibly proud of, and that we know gamers will want to know: “worry not, in the power department, the Steam Deck is no slouch.”



Even better, since its initial announcement, many reviewers across the PC space – like PCWorld – are almost as excited as we are by the specs and what Steam Deck can bring to the wide world of PC gaming, for example, “a Steam-centric gaming handheld sounds like an absolute dream for traveling or trips to the park.” Tom’s Hardware pointed to a few of the best times we think Steam Deck will truly shine – late nights when you’re not quite tired enough and, when the world fully opens up again, on long-haul flights: “this can work, and I'm looking forward to PC gaming in bed and on planes.”


I’m personally super excited about how Steam Deck allows you to be on top of your game at any moment with a push of one button. Steam Deck streamlines access to the largest game library in the world in the smallest possible portable gaming form factor for AAA gaming on the go. This device is your front row VIP ticket into the largest and most diverse gaming community in the world. I love how Steam Deck is going to further our dream to broaden access to gaming for everyone in the world. 


As a life-long gamer myself, I personally can’t wait for everyone to be able to experience the Steam Deck and see the amazing results, bringing the widely loved PC gaming experience to even more gamers, and making it accessible from just about anywhere. I want to use the Steam Deck to catch up on my back catalog of both AAA and classic games in my Steam library. I’m particularly looking forward to playing Flight Simulator, Horizon Zero Dawn, and the remastered versions of my childhood favorite franchise, Final Fantasy. Life gets busy, but with Steam Deck, I’ll be able to game even when I’m not in front of my gaming PC or console. 


NEW: Check out this video of me playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on the Valve SteamDeck!


Jack Huynh is Corporate Vice President and General Manager for AMD's Semi-Custom Business Unit.