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Access Your Radeon™ Settings Directly In-Game with Radeon™ Overlay!

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Users know how frustrating it can be to play a game, see something they want to adjust, and be forced to alt-tab or exit out to change their settings in the control panel.  Radeon™ Overlay provides gamers the choice to rapidly make graphics changes on-the-fly without leaving the game, so they can quickly get back to playing their favorite title.

Radeon™ Overlay can easily be opened inside their game by using the hotkey, Alt-R, to bring up the overlay panel.  This non-intrusive panel that appears on the right of the screen provides gamers with one-click access to a multitude of settings for their Radeon graphics card. Features like Radeon™ ReLive, Radeon™ Chill, Radeon™ WattMan, and Radeon™ Game Advisor can easily be adjusted from within this overlay panel.

We’ve put together a few simple how-to videos to show you how easy it is to access, adjust and continue gaming with Radeon Overlay.


Monitor your graphics and system performance with Radeon Overlay


Customize and change the location of the Overlay performance metrics


Access Radeon ReLive via Radeon Overlay to capture and share your content with friends or the online community


Log your performance using Overlay so you can analyze the data afterwards


Change your color settings using Overlay


For more information, check out our Radeon Overlay page on! 

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