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Would You Like to Have Off Topic Discussions? Cast Your Vote!

Hi Red Team,

We hear you! The other day @tenzo23 posted a Pet Appreciation thread which sparked conversation about having an off-topic area to chat. Well, we’d like to hear from more of you, so we’ve launched a poll!

The poll is accessible right here in the Gaming Discussions category, where you can find it on the right side of the page. Let us know what you think! 😊


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That's right, Red Team. 

Please do let us know what you think by taking the Poll. I can think of numerous topics we can discuss; from today's news/trends and sports to hobbies and fun topics like "What is your favorite food to munch on while gaming", I'm sure we'll have lots to share. 

Plus, it could be a great place for us to brainstorm for fun activities we can do here. 

Thank you in advance everyone! 

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As long as we keep it away from politics/current events, I think this could be a good idea.

I think it would be a great idea as long as everyone keeps it civil. Learning about other topics, things we may never have thought of trying, is an awesome way to build a community of friends. I'm all for it! Just think, we already all have something in common. We all love AMD and their products!

I'm just a fool on the hill.

Yes just general SFW hobbies interests personal achievements.

Example say you or someone you know just got done building a massive highly detailed model of the Millenium Falcon or just won a state BBQ championship or just finished a life long goal.

I love the idea an area where people can go and just relax read a funny story or see some nice photos.

I know it will have to be heavily moderated. People will abuse new found liberties.

Unfortunately my best funny stories are NSFW. I got a few that are SFW as long as I edit some of the conversations that took place. Man now that I think back I don't know how I survived some of the crazy events I've encountered.       


Thanks for the poll! Great way to get a quick view of the results.

Don't be mad at me, but I actually voted no. But with good intentions! The Red Team Gaming Discussion forum is still growing it seems, and although we are getting more and more threads and users every week. I feel that creating an Off-Topic area would segregate the forum a little more than it needs right now.

In the future, absolutely when there are a higher number of threads going on, where we need that clear divide. However, for the moment - I think we can manage with a little Off Topic thrown into the mix.

At the end though, @Ashley_AMD and @Sam_AMD we will follow your infinite wisdom and choices 😛

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What's an OFF TOPIC?

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Hi @Likebrews 

An off-topic discussion is a discussion/post about something other than video games, gaming, PCs, building and or upgrading PCs, etc. (Note, these are the core Red Team discussion).

So, an example of an off-topic discussion is sports, say Formula 1, Football, Soccer, etc. Another example could be TV shows, Movies, Music, Concerts, etc. 

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Not really sure if off topic threads are relevant in serious tech conversations but sometimes fun and curiosity is a very relevant topic. I think of life is an adventure and thus fun and curiosity should be a very integral part of most any endeavor. If Newton saw an apple fall and just said "hmm another apple hit the ground, oh well" or Archimedes said "We just need to drain some water from the pool so more maidens can bath'' were would we be now.  Tech is fun, fixing stuff is fun, gaming is fun... The topics should be chosen to 1: have fun or 2: to satisfy a curiosity. I saw a thread on VR and was wondering if you can have a VR business meeting. You don't have to worry about what your wearing like on Zoom but the field of interaction is pretty open. You could pick your avatar. It has probably already been done but is it cost effective and beneficial.  Is it fun. Think about pong. Why did it bring tech into main steam life. It was fun. Facebook and Google both have curiosity and fun components. I would stay away from politics/religion/feelings topics. Other than those----I'm in.

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Please don't do it. Once you have off topic discussions, eventually it will veer into politics, covid, and who knows what, and moderating will be tough.


What would be of more use is to have freedom to post and reply to threads once you reach a certain ranking in the community.

Having discussion be it off topic or on gpus/ts on these forums is a nightmare with this across the board flooding rubbish.

I get why its there but it is WAY too restrictive and the biggest painpoint on the forums since joining. Speaking to a lot of people I know its the main reason why they stop using them pretty quickly.


Hello @Nagrenol 

You are right! I understand your frustration and have already reached out to my team to see if we can make the Flood Control Tool more lenient. It will take some time, but I'm on it. 😉

I'm going to update your account in just a moment, and will do the same for the rest of the folks in this thread. 

Thank you for your feedback! 


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As to the off topic suggestion, I think the post that's linked on pets is cool, but as it's been mentioned already off topic forums tend to descend into the murky waters very quickly

I can see the engagement side of having it based on the pet thread.Perhaps if a mod was to create a sticky thread every so often for those type of things it could be another option. Be it post your pet, cos-play, your art work etc et


(double post 😯)

..I get these powers and I have already abused them 🙄


@Nagrenol "With great power comes great responsibility"  😉

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..Uncle Be.. Sam??!!

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i think you should be AMD products only it keeps out the reaf raff

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Absolutly would be a good addition to have an off topics section

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What we really need is to allow more posting to this forum, meaning not restricting us to one comment / post in a ten minute period.  I tend to focus on things for short time periods, then I move on to other things like my own Wine Lovers Forum and my HOA forum.  On top of that, there's lots of email to sort through each day.  Why do we need to restrict how many posts you can make at such a level?  Have there been problems with spamming on this forum?  I limit my forum hosting to invitation only, which means I can keep a tight lid on spamming and things of this nature.

The most frustrating time with when you make a new posting here and some errors are found, which you must correct before the posting is successful.  If you make another error (or keep trying to do something the same way), you are put in a six-minute hold.  Mess up again and now you're looking at an hour hold. 

In terms of 'off topic' discussions, I have that in my forums too.  It's a good idea to have a place for all the odd ball things that people might want to chat about. 

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Totally valid feedback, @BigAl01 , thank you! This is something that Sam and I are discussing and reviewing. My apologies for any frustration that you've experienced - we're working on it, and again, are very appreciative of the fact that you've taken time to leave this feedback. 

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