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Adept III

Will there be any more V-Lan Parties?

Wondering if AMD will have any more Virtual Lan Parties?   I miss Them. Thanks. 

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This is awesome. I would love to join one, had no idea they happened.

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Hello everyone, 

I enjoyed all the V-LANs we've had in the past. I remember the first one, the one with our friends the "FraggingFrogs" from PC Perspective, numerous Red Team members, and a few surprise guests. We started with BF1 if I recall correctly.

@Ashley_AMD and I have been thinking about V-LANs, specifically to bring them back. To be honest with you, it's a little tricky since running V-LANs requires lots of preparations and staff (i.e. server, server set-up, games, security, moderation, tournament(s) prep, prizes, promo, legal stuff to name a few). That being said, V-LANs are not off the table - please give us some time and rest assured we will let everyone know if we do bring them back. Thank you for understanding and patience with us.


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V-LAN would be so much fun! Sam and I have been talking about it but as mentioned, it's somewhat of a bear to tackle. That said, it's on our radar and it's awesome to hear feedback from those who are interested! 😄

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