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which gpu is better

So i am looking for a job to get a better  pc and start streaming and i wanna know which gpu is better . So i was thinkin for 6600xt or 6600 but i don't know which one is better and all. I want a gpu that can play like:Escape from tarkov, red dead, some vr games and upcoming games on high. My current setup is 1600x with 580 but i am looking to upgrade my cpu to 5600x .

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Adept I


6600xt would be better but you might save up more and be better off with a 6700xt

Adept I

Numbering systems can be confusing these days.

I usually check out the Tom's Hardware GPU and CPU hierarchy pages to see which components fit my budget and will be a significant upgrade:,4388.html

I have to agree: Tom's Hardware is a great resource. Very objective and thorough.

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the 6600 xt is better by like 15-20% depending on the game / workload.

Should be fine for medium to high settings at 1080p 60fps in EFT.

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Sounds exciting! It looks like the xt is about 20-30% quicker. Since you're updating the CPU as well, I think you can go for the most powerful GPU without being worried about bottlenecking! Good luck.


if i find a gpu around good price i might go with 6800xt or 3070 ti.


6800xt would be great with a 5600x. You might have good timing with the crypto crash. You should be able to find more new cards near msrp soon or even go for used. I tried for weeks on AMDs sight to get my 6900xt and it finally paid off. Best of luck to you!


i just got to play around with a power color 6600xt/oc version.....some one wanted to trad me that for my liquid devil rx 5700 xt lol...i have to say i wuz impressed with what it does ...for what it is!!....its pretty dang close to a liquid devil rx 5700 xt as a matter of fact ..except the cards are all pcie 4.0 8x cards youll not find a 16x bandwidth version of this card ....does it matter ...well it does .,.it really does if your going to try 2k or 4k gaming ......the card holds its own against the 5700xt in 1080p and in 2k 1440p .......although the card i had fell slightly behind my liquid devil  1 to 8 fps in most games ...not far off ....but the 6600xt is not at all by no means a 4k gaming card ....we are talking 30fps and below and i suspect this is mostly due to the 8x bandwidth ....and on my rig since i got 2 m.2 nvme drives installed that are pcie 3.0 my gpu also runs in 3.0 even though it is a 4.0 card ..but my liquid devil is a 16x card and 16x 3.0 is not at all that bad...could be my pcie riser cable to ..might be going should be able to stream fine with a 6600xt ...but it will cause you to play in 1080p ...i dont think youll be streaming in 2k with that if you got a 1080p monitor ....hook it up...cuz its not a bad card ....just not a really good card ....want solid fps while streaming id say work a little longer save a little longer and grab a 6700xt

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6600, 6600XT, 5600XT, GTX980TI and GTX1070 benchmarks, respectively...



Adept I

Both are fine at 1080p high, even to 1440 if you downgrade a couple settings down depending on the title. Will be a great 1080p card. Try and get the XT.  

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Whatever you decide to do, it is probably best to ask that question after you get the money to buy a GPU. Tech and prices change constantly. Good luck with your job search and hopefully new GPU soon.