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What The Fog | Out Now - Free for a Limited Time!


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What The Fog, a brand-new game from the world of Dead by Daylight, is OUT NOW on Steam! We're keeping the DBD hype going this morning after celebrating their 8th anniversary, and you can grab this for free with a Behaviour account for a limited time. Conditions apply. Limited amount of offers available. Also available for purchase on Steam.


Game Description

What the Fog answers the age-old question: What would happen if you and a friend were swallowed by a cursed board game? You’d get a 2-person co-op roguelite filled with magic powers, non-stop action, and lots and lots of monsters – that’s what. Learn to use your new abilities and work together as you run, jump, and shoot your way through swarms of enemies, collecting Bloodpoints, repairing Generators, and unlocking exit doors in this chaotic game from the world of Dead by Daylight.



Teamwork is the name of the game. Or it would be if it weren’t already What the Fog. Point is monster killing is always better together. Choose between Dead by Daylight’s Dwight, Claudette, or Feng Min and strategize your upgrades to build loadouts that complement each other. Then stay in the action even after you die, helping your partner tough it out until they can revive you.



Everything you see is out to kill you. The least you can do is return the favor. Destroy swarms of enemies and take down bosses to earn Bloodpoints. Platform across dangerous terrain to find and repair Generators. Activate their runes to upgrade your character. Survive and get the Fog out!



We get it, roguelites can be intense! Luckily What the Fog’s combat and upgrades are easy to grasp, and its 8 different difficulty settings let you find the perfect challenge no matter your skill level. Focus on the fun of quick, exciting runs across increasingly wild, randomly generated levels.

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Volunteer Moderator

Sounds like a fun game.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

It is! I actually played for about an hour or so last night. If you're familiar with roguelike/rogue-lites, it's a cute yet challenging game.