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Adept I

What games are you looking forward to this November

I am looking forward to Pokémon probably the most but there are so many. What is the game you are most excited for this holiday season? 

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It's a little past November, but The Callisto Protocol on December 2nd is the only game I've been looking forward to all year. Next year though there's the Dead Space remaster that has me extremely excited to head back to the USG Ishimura.

I'm excited for The Callisto Protocol too! Loved Dead Space, so really looking forward to this new title.


Miles Morales Spiderman.  Remastered was tight.


I'm just looking forward to actually sitting down and playing some of the games I have.

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Which game will be first?

Community Manager

God of War Ragnarök was my most anticipated game this year. I've been playing it with any free time I've had (so much this last weekend... 😆). So far, it's lived up to all my hype.

If you're into the GoW series and enjoyed the 2018 game, you NEED to play Ragnarök!