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Uncharted: The best movie I’m playing!

I’ve been thinking about a way to describe my experience when playing UNCHARTED™: Legacy of Thieves Collection. I can’t. It’s difficult to find the right words, so I’m going with a number instead.


Yes, a “10” is the best way I can describe my experience.

In 2007, I picked up Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune because I worked on Tomb Raider – I had to check it out. Back then, we would jokingly say “Oh wow, I didn’t know Lara had a cousin!”.

I got the game, slid the disc into my PS3, and dove into the game. Loved it. My mother, who happened to be visiting, was sitting next to me. I had a 40+” LCD TV, I think it was an Aquos, and a 3.2.1 Bose Surround System. So had the right equipment to immerse me in Drake’s world. After about 30 mins in the game:

Mom: “Wow, there are no commercials? I need to go to the restroom!

Sam (being a smart-a): “No mom, it’s cable, no commercials

Mom: “Oh okay, I’ll be right back, tell me what happens

Sam (busy playing): “Sure – hurry up!

Mom: “What happened, what did I miss

Sam (paused the game): “Nothing, there’s something wrong, it stopped, I don’t know why...

Mom: “Really? Can you fix it?

Sam (giggling inside): “Here, take the remote control, help me out

I handed her the PS3 controller and told her to press X, then push the right analog stick upward…

Mom: “What the…it’s a game?!?!?!

Sam: “eh eh eh

That’s to say how beautiful, immersive, action-packed, and just fun of a game Drake’s Fortune was.

Fast-forward to last night. I’m playing “A Thief’s End” and I haven’t finished it yet, I’m in Madagascar. I’m using an X-Box controller to play it on my PC.





So far, my experience has been amazing. The script, the humor, the action, the world, the graphics, the sounds, the special effects, the actors, the animation, the cinematics, the grappling hook, the shooting, the vehicles, the engine, AMDs FSR 2.1, the level design, the lighting, the massive world, …and the story are just brilliant.

I begged my wife to watch me play the game for 5 minutes (mind you she does not have a single fiber of “gaming” in her body), and what-a-do-ya-know…after 40 minutes of watching me play, she says “maybe we can let Gigio watch it, as long as there’s no shooting, okay?”. Me “hallelujah!” (I won!)

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

In closing, I recommend anyone who hasn’t played any of the Uncharted games to play them! Perhaps you can pick up UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves and work your way back? (Remember, this installment features two games). I don’t have to expand or elaborate on why you should play it, there are numerous professional reviews out there I’m sure will convince you. The game is just awesome and I can’t wait to finish it…so that I can play The Lost Legacy right after, because Uncharted is the best movie I’m playing this year!

Thank you Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment!

Your biggest fan!
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I have a professional acquaintance That love's Uncharted: That is his "Jam"... He is a Sam too...



Loved the story you told in this review. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

I totally agree the uncharted games are fantastic, and even the movie wasn't half bad either!

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