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What games are people missing out on?

As the title suggests, what game have you played that might not be well known that you feel people are missing out on?

Could be an indie title or a AAA game that didn't get much attention. Feel free to suggest a couple if you want.

I'll go first:

Age of MythologyA fantastic RTS that brings a super interesting twist with Gods and powers.

F.E.A.R - A fun shooter from the early 2000s that also has elements of a horror game.

Anthem - This game came out in 2019 but it quickly faded away to the background due to over exaggerated promises that were under delivered. The game is still super fun.

Sea Of Thieves & Deeprock Galactic - Most likely the better known of my list, but these are incredibly fun team orientated games that really shine when played with friends. One is the life of a Pirate, the other is the life of a Dwarven Space Miner.

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Adept I

Persona 4 for the jrpg fans. 

Journeyman III

If you are a person who likes survival games with a touch of PVP, SCUM is the go to game. 

It's Pre-Release and has been in development for a couple years but is already awesome to play  🙂


Hunt:Showdown ..available for PC, XBox, and Playstation

I play on PC's the game that sucked me back into PC gaming

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Adept I

God of War -i only wish i didn't have to buy it again just to be able to play it on PC.

Adept III

Forgotten Paradise - pretty new MMORPG, lots of fun. Great community, good support, discord chat available.

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Adept I

Hi guys,

Hunt:Showdown, its really submersive with a headset and kind of refreshing to play a shooter without automatic weapons. Solo or with friends is fantastic, although I prefer to play with friends because it can get scary. 😅


Cyberpunk 2077, when you put aside all the noise about bugs and all the stuff that happened at launch, which has being mostly fixed since, you realize what an amazing game you missed out on.

Already seeing some games I want to check out now 😄

I'm going to +1 @Key-J 's Deep Rock Galactic suggestion. Such a fun co-op, possibly my favorite.

Another game I think people are missing out on is Project Zomboid. If you like zombies and immersive survival games, you'll probably dig PZ. The devs are super involved and the gameplay is really detailed. Really fun to play with friends.

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Journeyman III

People are sleeping on a game called N++. Super cool platformer that has a neat style, simple yet complex mechanics, and great level design. As for AAA games, I can't think of any. Most AAA games I can think of are super popular right now.

Journeyman III

Century: age of ashes



It's happening.

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All because of you, @Key-J!!