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Adept II

What are the rumors regarding a drop this Thursday or Friday?

For months the drop was on Thursday, then AMD missed this past one and dropped on Friday.

Was it to confuse the bots, did someone forget to push the button?

I have made it to the submit order area more times than I wan to admit, I do hope the captcha helps those of us that would like to get out hands on a 6800XT or 6900XT since this is the only place that has reasonable prices and quick shipping.

AMD you out there, drop us a note, we are listening.

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Maybe AMD doesn't want to produce 6800xt at the moment because chip is missing.



"Maybe AMD doesn't want to produce 6800xt at the moment because chip is missing"

6900XT, 6800XT and 6800 have the same chip (N21), something's up with the 6800XT's, i've Seen lots of people owning one complaining about Problems.

Since no 6800XT's were up for sale for at least 2 weeks im guessing they stopped retail until the issue, which is most likely on a Hardware or Binning level, was resolved

Drop was at 6EST.

was enough card and cpu available 


Friday? ^^


today was another crap drop, got to submit and got kicked back to product page, and I was at it so fast.


Journeyman III

Any news what time is the drop today?

Trying for months now with no luck. 



drop is gone today....

was on 4.07pm


AMD is playing Tom and Jerry with us. Lol

Those replying with times need to put a time zone.  😁

I was told by a sales tech that it was going to be 12:00 pm Eastern Time.  For me that's 11:00 am Central Time and he said to be 30 minutes early.  I showed up an hour early at 10:00 am Central Time.

Did anyone get in on any GPUs today???


Impossible to add any gpu to cart!

This is a humiliations for us as customers. We have the wrights to buy.

From the date of the 6000 release till now weekly and never had the chance to add any gpu to cart.

There is no tension from the sales to hear us and not only think of their weekly stock that goes to scalpers bots.

I'm sorry but I thought AMD was caring for gamers but I may change my believe soon. 



Well, they dropped CPUs today ... just picked up a Ryzen 9 5950X after working through a lot of refreshes back 30 minutes ago (2:00 pm Central Daylight Time) and it still shows there is inventory on their chips.

Isn't that a positive sign of life???

I'm just trying to get a Radeon RX 6800 XT GPU so I can start building a rig.  Are there any tricks you guys can give me???


Thanks for the update. 

I heard they already dropped GPUs earlier this morning at 10:30AM. 


I already got a GPU a month ago, but I did want to get the R9 5900X as that one seem to be hard to come across, so I checked AMD's website around 11:30AM today and saw that they had already did their drop.

I'm glad they split the GPU and CPU drops up, and did their CPU drops in the afternoon. 

I was able to comfortably buy a 5900X with ease.

Funny that there is about 5 people on this thread over 2 months.  Maybe everyone watches for inventory drop on another thread here in the community?  If so, please state the subject in Reply to this message so I can go there.

Well, Thursday (yesterday) was interesting ... GPUs were supposedly dropped in the morning, then CPUs were showing up in the afternoon (I picked one up), and more GPUs joined them after an hour although the GPUs couldn't be added to the cart with several errors during the process ... reCAPTCHA was failing or it would go through and just tell you nothing was in the cart?  Errors below ...

- Product could not be added to the cart
- Please complete the reCAPTCHA challenge (after doing it two times already)

p.s. -- Remember to put your timezone down if you are using "time" in your statements.  Central Daylight Time (CDT) or wherever you are!

It's really aggravating and ... really ... almost stunning that AMD can't develop a commerce website that is functional under heavy load.  Somebody needs to think outside the box and find a way for purchasing on items to go through some type of gateway that would hold most of the customers at one point and then selectively let them through as the merchandise was made available so that at least the few getting in could make functional purchases.  This method of letting every customer bang away at the front door until a few magically refresh enough, or enter at the right time, or whatever to get the prize.

Come on AMD, you need to get some highly capable coders that have the ability to create a commerce website that will operate under high-stress loading.  It just can't be that difficult!


You can wait  4 the drop….

right Place Right time



I think AMD is ignoring us cause we as gamers dun have leverage or a legal obligation like a contract signed to ensure compensation like microsoft or a big mining firm.

They can just go "We'll sue you for compensation for breach of contract"

Us, not so they are ignoring us first.

The queue has been suggested, by me and also several others but no action was taken.

They couldn't even bother to fix a pricing issue on their website popup I pointed out.

Makes me wonder why people are still willing to buy them. Probably more of a 'they are the cheapest and we're desperate for a new GPU' reason rather than actual brand loyalty.


I bought one of the AMD 5700G processors. Said it was in stock, I had no problem filling out the form. I put in my billing information and everything that was needed. It said congratulations on your purchase however, I did not get an email confirmation. I went back to see what might be missing, and it said that the Order was unsubmitted.  Why would they do that? Because they're most likely doing exactly as you stated. We're  on the bottom rung of the ladder, so what we want comes after everyone else. Screw you AMD. I'm F*ing done with you!!!