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Adept I

VR Headset and PC monitor goes BLANK

After a round of "updates" from Windows, Steam, SteamVR and AMD Adrenaline 22.10.3, I've "upgraded" from: playing "peek-a-boo" with my VR headset view--to playing NO MORE view in the VR headset OR my PC monitor, too!  A system re-boot is the only way to get the view back.

Sometimes, I'll come to the computer, and it will have a BLANK screen--forcing me to have to re-boot.  After which, the system will DISABLE my display adapter.

In the middle of a VR game, the view will suddenly disappear for a few seconds, then reappear.  Not exactly safe--when attempting to land at an airport!

Why is this?  Why can I NO LONGER enjoy a flight WITHOUT the view occasionally being cut out?

I've come upon a temporary solution: Reinstall a previous version (10.9.1) , and see if this will cut out the "peek-a-boo, guess who--there goes your view" business!

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sounds like a loose/intermediate connection.  check connections if anything is loose get new cables. there are new cables I know cause puppy ate my buddies old one.  it was like $80