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Adept I

Threadripper T-Shirt

How in the heck do I got about getting some of those awesome Metallica inspired Threadripper T-shirts? Metal head for life AND I run 2 x 2950x rig's at home. I NEED THIS!!!!!

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RIGHT!? I wish they carried that design on the AMD Fan store site.

Adept I

That was my first stop, and even under the "Threadripper" section, it's just the same "Ryzen" logo shirts that's in the standard section. So no need to even have a Threadripper section on the store 🙂



AMD, how do I get these? 🙂

in my city you can print that kind of designs for $15 USD (special delivery). Search google or yahoo for words like sublimated stamping t-shirts

Journeyman III

Ich bin ein Designer und Designe selber AMD Tshirts. Da ich eine AM Liebhaber Gruppe habe auf Facebook, habe ich AMD gefragt ob ich für die Gruppe Tschirts mit meine Designs anfertigen darf für den Privaten Persönlichen gebrauch ohne selber da einen Penny für zu bekommen.
Ich habe, nach das vorzeigen meiner Designs dafür grünes Licht bekommen. 

Adept I

Thanks guys, and some good ideas, printing them yourselves. If it's not possible to get an AMD official one, they maybe I will do that. Kind of sad now with Zen 2 coming out, seems the 16 core part will be mothballing the threadripper platform. At least that's what the internet is saying.... So something like these shirts will be even more impossible to get 😞