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The Last of Us Part 1 | Game Code Giveaway



Hey Red Team, 

Wanted to remind you a little bit about The Last of Us Part 1 if it fell off your radar or you haven't had a chance to play it yet. You can experience the emotional storytelling and unforgettable characters in The Last of Us™ Part I, winner of over 200 Game of the Year awards. Now powered by AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution, experience Joel and Ellie’s tale with incredibly visual fidelity at ultra-high resolutions and framerates.

In a ravaged civilization, where infected and hardened survivors run rampant, Joel, a weary protagonist, is hired to smuggle 14-year-old Ellie out of a military quarantine zone. However, what starts as a small job soon transforms into a brutal cross-country journey. 

The Last of Us™ Part I includes the complete The Last of Us single-player story and celebrated prequel chapter, Left Behind, which explores the events that changed the lives of Ellie and her best friend Riley forever.

@Wally_AMD can attest, this game is worth your time if you haven't played it already. You should see his face light up in person when you ask how it is 🤣 If you need a refresher for the excitement that this game holds, check out the trailer below. 



To bring back the hype, we'll be randomly selecting 8 winners from the comment section on this post at 12 pm CST, Wednesday, May 30th to win a steam code for The Last of Us Pt. 1! Keep an eye out for a private message from myself, @Wally_AMD, or an email from


Happy Gaming, gamers! 🙂 


Your friend at AMD
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1 Solution

Congratulations to the lucky winners 🙂 @kenichi @yusz @Triplexbee @HomelessAvatar @EMoney129 @chadplusminus @ardankyaosen @ThreeDee 

Be sure to check your email (or spam) for an email from or a PM from myself if you have them on. 

Enjoy the adventure and thanks again to everyone who participated. Keep an eye out in the gaming discussions as we will have another exciting game code giveaway in the coming weeks. Cheers! 🙂 

Your friend at AMD
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Good luck to everyone and thanks for the chance!

Adept III

What an unexpected surprise. Good Luck everyone. 

Adept I

Wow. That's a great surprise!

Adept II

I haven't played this since the PS3!

Journeyman III

This game is really good and now the game runs better specially with the FSR on the PC and good luck everyone 🙂

Community Manager

THIS GAME IS THE BEST! Enter if you haven't played it!!


Adept III

A few weeks ago I installed it but after checking out the game settings the Adrenalin overlay had me near 100% CPU utilization and very high PSU wattage so I never actually tried playing it and uninstalled for now. Here are my "new" system specs:

System specs: Lian Li Lancool-205 Mesh ATX Case w/ARGB 1x120mm/2x140mm Fans, Intel i7-12700KF CPU, Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB 240mm AIO, G.Skill 2x16GB RipJaws V 3200Mhz RAM, AMD RX 6950 XT 16GB Reference GPU, Western Digital Blue 1TB NVMe SSD, WD_Black 1TB NVMe Gaming SSD, 750W Thermaltake ToughPower 80+ Gold PSU, LG 32GP750-B 32" 165Hz 2560x1440 Display.

AMD RX 6950 XT 16GB Reference GPU
Adept II

I would love to get a code, Amazon did not honor the promotion for my new 7900XTX Nitro 😞 They were listed as partners but the support acted like they never heard of it.


I also have a nice 7800X3D to pair with it.


Nice, thank you for the opportunity. Good luck everyone!

Adept II

Only played the PS4 version, and this game is amazing. Good luck to everyone!


Thanks again for these neat giveaways!

Adept III

Thanks! I have not played The Last of Us Part 1, but have watched a ton of it on Twitch LOL 

Thanks and good luck everyone!

Adept II

I've never had a chance to play it yet, hopefully I win a code!

Adept III

Would love a chance to test out my system with this game always wanted to give it a go but never got around to picking up a Playstation.

Adept III

Just finished the TV series, perfect timing! Thanks for the chance!

Journeyman III


I remember watching the play-through of this game back in the day. 

Best of luck to everyone who enters! 

❤️ R

Adept I

Good luck everyone!

Adept III

thanks for the chance

Adept II

good luck

Adept I

Hello. Wow. I came to your site with a different purpose, but I saw this news. Cool! I'm unlucky at random. But maybe I'll be lucky this time? I would definitely play and record a video about this game, because I watched the series and I really liked it. It's a pity that now the strikes, I'm looking forward to the second season. In any case, good luck everyone.

Adept I

Hello, I would love to check it out on my new 7900xt.

Adept III

Nice giveaway! I'd love to play it in the evenings after a very productive day. Hopefully everyone is enjoying May, and remember to smell those flowers!

Adept II



Oh yeah, I'm in. I was waiting for a sale, but if Red Team can come in the clutch again, I won't be mad! Nice giveaway and good luck to all who enter. 


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Adept I

I signed up to enter. I want to cry in glorious resolution and graphical fidelity this time around. 

Oh, dang, I've got to watch this show too. Looks so good.

What should I do, play game first or watch the program?

Best of fortune everyone.

I'd say play the game first. Game really sucks you in and is better overall in telling the story over a long time. That said, the show fleshed out some stories or added some really nice detail. Both are phenomenal though. Seriously.


It looks like a really fun game. Good luck all!

Adept I

Good luck guys!


Adept I

I would love to play this on PC!

Adept I

Always wanted to play this. Thanks for the chance!

Volunteer Moderator

GLHF to all!

Adept III

Love and thanks AMD. Good luck everybody.

Adept III

My pc says "yes!" 🙂

good luck to all

EK watercooled 6900xt - 5900x - Lian Li XL - Samsung neo G8 - Logitech G910 - Hero G502

Want to enjoy this game with my 7900 XTX.



Nice giveaway! Thank you.

Adept I

thank you

Adept I

Good luck everyone 🙂

Also, I haven't played it

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