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Sam is at CNE Gaming Garage!

Hey Red Team! 

In case you missed it, @Sam_AMD is in Toronto, Canada at CNE Gaming Garage this weekend! Check out this thread for pictures and live updates on what's happening. 

Day 1



The views of the venue couldn't be better. 



Itenarary for the day! Awesome Esport gameplay and things happening on stage. 



Resized_20220819_074811_69971605197474.jpg Fun inside the venue.


Newegg was doing a giveaway for this PC - wonder who the lucky winner will be??



 Check out this build. Can you recognize any parts that were used? 



 If anyone has any connections with Santa, Sam would really like this for Christmas 😂


 Showcase of awesome AMD tech






 Which one are you most excited to see featured in the case?




In case you were wondering what this is, this is a fully modded PC! I was shocked when Sam told me this. 


 More AMD tech, CPU's and GPU's featured in cases for everyone to enjoy 🙂 






Would it even be an AMD event without a Battle Bot arena?! 



 Inside our very own Red Team Lounge where people can join our community, and talk to Sam and @blazek about all things AMD 😄 


 Set up a spot for people to hang out with Sam and @blazek to play some games 



 A special guest from our friends at MSI, the Limited Edition Golden Lucky Figure!


Stay tuned for more soon! 🙂 

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I honestly had to step away for a moment from my computer, because you have NO idea how much I wanted to be there at the CNE!

I'm definitely adding it to the roster for next year, and I'm dragging you along @AFKG-Curtis !

Have an amazing time @Sam_AMD and @blazek  - and thanks for sharing all their adventures @Amber_AMD !


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I think it's great to show off some old hardware that helped get AMD to where it is today.  Video cards are nice but my favorite thing would be to show off a Slot-A Athlon that was the first CPU to reach 1 GHz.  It beat the old Intel Pentium III hands down.

Smokin' the competition!Smokin' the competition!

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Wow! @BigAl01 ! Pardon the "dumb" question, but are you telling us that you actually own one? Do you mind sharing with us when you bought it and how much was it? 

Your biggest fan!
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I did own a Slot-A Athlon a long time ago.  I don't think the computer even had a name back then.

I don't remember the prices back then but I believe it was between 100 - 200 dollars.  The heatsink and cooling fan hung on the side.

This machine didn't even have a name that I can remember.This machine didn't even have a name that I can remember.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".
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I am jealous. I hope everyone has a good time. The builds look fantastic, and the golden Lucky is awesome. I haven't heard of CNE. Is it like Computex or E3 or is more of an E-Sports event?

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Hi! CNE is the Canadian National Expo, it's an annual event for different types of merchants and businesses to showcase their products. From clothing, international foods, and furniture to carnival (for kids), academia, and of course high-tech, CNE has it all. AMD has been and still is the major high-tech sponsor as the event is practically in "our" backyard. It's not like E3, nor esports, but more like a national festival. 

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I'm so jealous right now, the good kind of course.

I do want to visit an event like this in the future. Unfortunately Portugal does not see much of this...
People here just cares about one thing, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Englishman

I hear ya my friend! Are you planning to watch FIFA this winter? I normally root for Italy (didn't qualify) I grew up there, the USA (my home), and my motherland Iran. 

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Hi Red Team! I’m having a blast at CNE Gaming Garage. From learning more about AMD’s past (the museum), chatting with our partners meeting fellow gamers, and building the MSI Gaming Rig powered by AMD, I’m happy we decided to introduce the Red Team Lounge here in Toronto.


The museum consists of a few display cases featuring some of the first GPUs made by AMD, including ones by ATI, for example, the ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT as well as the “ATI Stereo-F/X” released in 1991, which “added high-quality sound to PC applications”. (I didn’t know that ATI made sound cards! Back then I was familiar with Creative Labs Soundblaster products. I learned something new!)

ATI Stereo F/XATI Stereo F/X


Our partners, ASUS and MSIare here and are loud! Featuring some of their latest technologies, they just happen to be on the same aisle as the Red Team Lounge! And we’re plotting! We’re plotting to join forces in the future to do some pretty cool stuff for our communities…you!


I’ve had the pleasure to play Wreckfest with gamers from all walks of life, including a friendly police officer, with the heart of a gamer! Mind you, the cool thing about Wreckfest is that rewards you for bashing into other vehicles while racing to the finish lane. More importantly, it allowed me to meet some great people while kicking their butts! (I had no intention to go easy on anyone).







Sam and Officer Doe.jpg



I was undefeated till little “Johnny” from New York decided to challenge me. Johnny, accompanied by his mother casually sat next to me and said “I haven’t played this game…but I’d like to play”. I’m thinking, I’m gonna school this kid and I will give him some cool swag regardless of the outcome. Boy, I was wrong, Johnny, probably about 10 or 12 years old, was the first, and only gamer that beat me. He set the record, a 19 seconds lap. Ouch! I got schooled. Johnny smiled, “dropped the mic” (the controller) elegantly, picked up his prize, and said, “can I come back later to play again”. I’m like, “yes, of course, you can” (you little…you!). He came back in the afternoon and beats me again; so I decided to recruit him and had him represent. From there on, challengers had to beat him to win the AMD swag! This is another great example of why I love my job. Meeting gamers like Johnny; kind, respectful, smart, well-spoken, and fast kiddos, the future of gaming! 





The Good, the Fast and the Ugly.jpg



Yesterday, in the late evening, with the help of Aleem, and my newfound BFF Vincent from MSI joined me in building the MSI Gaming Rig Powered by AMD. Newfound BFF because building a rig with someone else is a bonding experience, especially because, once again, I managed to make the building of the rig a bit more “fun”. See, unlike the @Amber_AMD build, where I mixed the PCIe and CPU power cables, I decided to mount the AIO first! Yay! Doing so made the wiring of the motherboard impossible, we couldn’t reach the headers to connect the fans, and most of all, we couldn’t connect the PSU (power) to the mobo. Oh my! What I joy having to uninstall and reinstall the AIO a few times. Everything else went smoothly. After checking all the parts, the wiring, the cables, LEDs, Mem, and especially making sure the POWER SW was plugged in correctly, we had a bystander do the honors to turn on the rig for the very first time. “Push the button, dude!” and boom, it’s alive! The rig posted right away, putting a smile on everyone’s face! We did it.

MSI Gaming Rig Parts.jpg


Fun Times.jpg


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If you get a chance, try to go up to the top of the CN Tower.  You get a great view of Toronto up there.  

You sure are enjoying your job.  I dabbled a bit in marketing to support a project at my company (we were promoting a vulnerability assessment tool) and it involved a few trips.  I never got to do gaming though....

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Thank you BigAl01! I have been there, and it's really tall! 😎

View of Toronto from Hotel RooftopView of Toronto from Hotel Rooftop


Your biggest fan!
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Johnny was just hustling you, Sam! 🤣 It's awesome to see you all had a great time!

Awesome recap @Sam_AMD ! Are you even working? It sounds like you are having way too much fun! 🤣😝

Super glad to hear the Red Team Lounge is a huge hit, and you're making some awesome community moments like Justin!

Also, I was able to look through some Instagram # of CNE and actually found the moment of Sam waiting for the boot when the bystander pushed the button:


Hahahahahaha ❤️

Anyway, can't wait to hear how the rest of the trip went!

**Canadian Gamer & Father -** - Live Wed & Fri at 8:00pm PST - Come join!

This is so wholesome and awesome. I'd love to check this out one year. Looks really cool. Safe travels and continue to have an amazing experience, Boss! @Sam_AMD 

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Great time to be in Toronto.

Enjoy Sam!


If you ever want to sponsor anything around Ohio I could potentially bring my entire gaming LAN to an event. 😁

(Once it's done)

Does AMD still have a presence in the old ATI offices in Toronto?
Community Manager

I hear you loud and clear @red5 😉

From what I understand, AMD moved into the ATI building back in 2006. In terms of the ATI brand (both digital and physical assets, logo, trademarks, messaging, IPs, etc.) was replaced in the following few years, it took a while. 

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Just had a chance to visit. Very well put together exhibit! The old hardware was nostalgic. As an ATI fanboy it was nice to see some old heavy weights! 


Wish there was some AMD swag available though! 

Those vinyl AMD ryzen vinyl stickers on the PC were nice!