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Adept I

RX 5700XT Black Screen

My RX 5700XT sometimes happens to black screen when playing games. The detailed issue is that, once I click the mouse, the screen turn to black for a while, and then return to normal images again. Only by restarting the system will this problem be solved temporarily. I've tried to change the fresh rate of my screen, switch off freesync and switch off HDCP, but nothing works. Do you guys encounter this issue? How can I solve it?

My hardware information:

CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X

Motherboard: MSI B450 mortar 

RAM: 3200C14 16G

GPU: XFX RX 5700XT reference edition

PSU: FSP HydroG 850

Display: Dell S2418HN

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Adept II

Re: RX 5700XT Black Screen


i had the same issue, i rollbacked the Driver Version to 19.9.3 i have an 75Hz Display, I Turned off FreeSync in Radeon Settings and i don't use Vsync in games i have set my Radeon Settings to Frame Target Control 76Fps so it will not go over the Display Range and all my issues where gone!

1: Turn Off FreeSync in Radeon Settings

2: Turn Off VSync in games

3: Turn Frame Target Control (in Global Settings in Radeon Software) 1 Fps above your Monitors Display Range (i have an 75Hz i putted it on 76Fps)

4: In some games you might need to Switch change In-Game to 60hz instead of 75. (but keep the Frame Target Control 1fps above your max display range.  

Until AMD Fixed the Issues we need to do it like this!

since i do it like this there is no problem!

hope it works for you to!



Adept I

Re: RX 5700XT Black Screen


Thank you for your advice. And I will try it later.

Hope AMD can solve the issue as soon as possible.

Best Regards!


Adept I

Re: RX 5700XT Black Screen

Same here with a Gigabyte Gaming OC

Adept II

Re: RX 5700XT Black Screen

Try not to Update to the Radeon 2020 Software yet, i roll-backed my driver version to 19.11.3 to have it stable again!.

after i updated to 2020 Software Driver Version, All Hell broke lose they deleted FRTC ( Frame Rate Target Control ) because radeon chill does the same, guess what it didn't, it exceeded my Max FrameRate (143FPS) and i don't know if its something with my Display but if you exceed 144FPS my display starts flickering or brights some corners of the screen that is of course extremely annoying. but with FRTC it keeps my framerate between the freesync range and i will not exceed 144FPS. the problems kept coming..... my entire game rig starts freezing during idle or gaming and there was no way to get out of it than press the "force restart" button on the front of my case. another problem continuously fluctuations of memory and core clock during idle and gaming. that throttles my card back!.

end of all i revert the driver version to 19.11.3 until AMD has the software stable and it will be cause this happend before... give it a few weeks to a month

Use DDU (Display Driver Unistaller) to be able to install a older version   (The Link to the older stable version)