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Red Team Monthly Sweepstakes: June

Hi Red Team, we’re thrilled, this month you have a chance at winning the: 

Limited-Edition AMD Radeon RX 6900XT Halo Infinite Graphics Card!



Entering is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you’re a registered user and have a ranking greater than or equal to Novice III. Click here for more info about ranks.

  2. Simply reply to this post with anything! Although it’s not required and won’t increase your chances of winning, feel free to tell us what your favorite AMD product is, what game you’re currently playing, or just say hi.

Example reply:

“Hi! I’ve had a lot of fun playing Jurassic World Evolution 2 recently. Currently playing through the campaigns and excited to start some of the challenges! ”

  1. Hit “Reply” and that’s it!

The June Sweepstakes Entry Period opens on Wednesday, June 1, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. Central Time and Entries must be submitted by Tuesday, June 30, 2022, at 12:00 PM Central Time.

For more information about how to enter, visit the blog!

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States (D.C.) and Canada (Excluding Quebec) 18 years or older who are members of the AMD Community forum with a ranking of Novice III or greater. Ends 12/31/2022. For Official Rules, including odds and prize descriptions, visit  Red Team 2022 Monthly Sweepstakes Rules. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: AMD, Inc.

Ryzen 7 5800X • Radeon RX 6900 XT • Gigabyte X570S AERO G •
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Would love to see a Spartan Armor themed case getting paired with one of these.

Maybe a super customized Spartan's Helmet ITX build, the visor letting you see into the case, man that'd be cool

14900k • Z790 Apex Encore • 4090 • 2x24Gb-8000 • 1200 Corsair Shift • 420mm Arctic II Push-Pull • Noctua • Fractal Torrent •

I have an Ryzen 7 3700x and a RX 5600 XT at the moment. Thinking of building a new PC and giving the current one to my brother. I will be waiting for the AM5 platform to settle and see if DDR5 lowers in price before building a new PC. 


I like the AMD processors, and I need that GPU!!!

Adept I

This would be soo helpful. My son's graphics card died so I gave him my Asrock 6800xt. He is happy now, however now I am down to on board graphics. 😞 I could  really use this to get back into my Star Citizen Gaming. Go Team Red! Best of Luck to everyone!


Adept I

As a gamer about to level up to 50 in a few months, this would be fantastic for my very first PC build ever.

Adept I

I'm not high enough rank to win but good luck to those who are!

Adept I

I took a small chance on the 2700x, before that CPU line had fully proven itself, and I loved how I could game, chat on discord, browse the web, watch Netflix and stream to twitch all at the same time while my CPU was only averaging 25% utilization. That level of performance, along with AMD's commitment to open source, makes AMD the only choice for me. It means that bugs get fixed, one way or another, so that my experience is the best it can be.

I agree with you on the 2700X.  The only issue I have had with this CPU is when I installed an XPG GAMIX S70 M.2 2280 NVMe.  When I ran the speed test they were max read 3200MB/s and write 2500MB/s, I thought uh-oh bad drive.  Then I read the MSI XPG X570 Gaming board manual.  Second Gen AMD CPU's wont recognize the M.2 2280 PCIe Gen4x4 interface and the board will run it as a PCI Express 3x4.  So I'll be using it as such until I upgrade my 2700X CPU.  As much as admire the stability, that may be never.

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"

Vynski: the 2700x is still a solid, fast cpu. I never was able to outplay it with my limited skills 😊

Adept I

My 1080ti is coughing up dust. Pls halo GPU bless me with your presence!

Journeyman III

Still sporting a R9 290x - Please send help!

Journeyman III

I'm hoping for an AMD Zen 4 build to replace my aged Intel PC that's BSODing too much.

Adept II

I would love this 6900 xt, it would go perfect with my 5900x

Journeyman III

Tuf gaming x570 w/ ryzen 5 3600 paired with RX 580 8 gigs of gddr5 and 32 gigs ram. Not the best but it works. 

Is it just me or did this June Sweepstakes attract a record highest entries and attention.Probably new members were waiting to meet the noviceIII threshold, LOL.

Algorithm please be nice to me, I need me a halo 6900x graphics card


Yes,  Novice III come to me!


My birthday is this month .. soo .. I'm pretty sure I win by default .... ?  


...maybe .. I think .. 

ThreeDee PC specs
Journeyman III

New fav hardware. R5 5600X on B550 motherboard. The 5600X is a great overall performer. Still rockin' the old RX570 workhorse.

Journeyman III

So would be awesome to rock this Card out and throw it into an all AMD platform!! one day ill get my hands on one and give it a go!! 


Hope I have better luck this time!

Adept II

Wow! This one is a big one! I never had the opportunity to build myself a rig with a top of the line GPU, maybe I'm lucky this month 😂

Artificial intelligence is no match for human stupidity.
Adept II

Now, this is a sweepstakes!!!!

Adept I

Waiting for the next gen cards but would love to have this now!

Adept II

Now thats a prize!!!

Journeyman III

Hi all ! I mostly play COD Zombies and complete the Easter Eggs

Adept I

feel free to tell us what your favorite AMD product is

Admittedly, I've always been a fan of the Vega 64.
I've always liked the way it looks, with it being a simpler design.

Journeyman III


Is this 6900xt based upon the reference PCB?

Journeyman III

Awesome!!!  I want a 6900X!


Hi everyone,

Currently, I am having a really good experience with my RX 480 and a special of Resident Evil 3 remake that I bought. It is one of the very few games that shine on my Radeon card and is finally something I can enjoy at 60FPS+ on a Radeon GPU.

I want to say the FX 8350 is my favourite AMD product, simply because of its' interesting design and not for its' general game performance although I believe it could've been great like the PS4 and XBOX One was.

Halo themed halo product. Ironic.

Would be lovely to have it in my rig.

Winning this would speed up my next build. My main is a 3900x/rx5700xt build. Would be nice to have a card with ray tracing. Was planning on waiting for the 7000 gpu's but, if I win that would be cool. GL all.

Adept II

This would be an awesome addition to my rig, especially replacing my RTX2060

Adept I

Have had the all AMD Rog strix 15 advantage since last year. AWESOME

Adept II

Good luck all!

Just saw a video review of this card on Rodneytech.


Visiting relatives in TX but I”ll be back in PA tomorrow so I”ll measure the fps in my 5900x/RX6800 combo while playing MSFS2020. 

I’m sure the 6900xt Halo Infinite card would be a very nice increase👍

Just popping in to say hello to all of our new community members and GOOD LUCK! 😎


Ryzen 7 5800X • Radeon RX 6900 XT • Gigabyte X570S AERO G •

This gpu will keep getting faster with improved  drivers.

Fine wine! Yes


Looking forward to hearing more about the upcoming RX 7000 series as well.  Hoping for a launch this year.